pop i rock  //  garage, riff,

Iván Montero

Mujeres are four Barcelona musicians who met at university and decided to form an energy-packed, fast-playing garage band. Their work is a quest to find the ideal blend of vocal harmonies, fuzzy riffs and a hammering beat. The process generates fresh, danceable, festive hymns that have positioned Mujeres as one of the leading garage bands on the state and international scene, taking their frenetic songs on tour around Europe, the United States and Canada.



Víctor Velasco

Mireia Madroñero 

L’Institut Ramon Llull és un consorci integrat per la Generalitat de Catalunya, el Govern de les Illes Balears i l'Ajuntament de Barcelona que té com a finalitat la projecció i difusió exterior de la llengua i la cultura catalanes en totes les seves expressions.
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