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No one would think that a town like Manlleu (Barcelona) could ever produce a group like Eikostate. With a combination of catchy tunes and a pounding rock beat, accompanied by a huge arsenal of traditional Japanese instruments, they create a truly special, personal atmosphere. On 13 September 2011, Eikostate released their debut album, Tribute to Perseverance, on the RGB Suports label in Spain. In November of that same year, moreover, Zestone Records launched the LP in Japan, whilst Bullet Records did likewise in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2013. The band have performed live all over Spain, as well as in Canada and Germany. Eikostate are Roger (drums), Eloi (guitar, taishogoto and sampler), Luis (bass) and David (vocals, guitar), and they are ready to demonstrate all their passion and power.


David Martinez  (Spain)


Sturmfeder (International)

Johannes Von Bentzel





Tribute to perseverance
Tribute to perseverance (2011)
RGB Suports
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