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Amongst all the instrumentalists in contemporary music, very few have actually changed the rules of the game. Carles Benavent, whose electric bass weaves vibrant flamenco and the most inspired jazz into an inextricable knot, can be considered such a game-changer.

Acting as a musical crossroads and meeting-place, for both popular and avant-garde sounds, instrumentalist and composer Carles Benavent has forged his career alongside such artists as Miles Davis, Chick Corea and Paco de Lucía. His latest project is the trio Un, dos, tres..., in which Benavent teams up with Roger Blàvia and Roger Mas.


Considered absolute masters of flamenco and jazz fusion, Jorge Pardo (saxes and flute), Carlos Benavent (bass) and Tino Di Geraldo (drums) are outstanding exponents of Spanish jazz that, coming together in this trio, make the sum even greater than the parts. The band has accompanied such great artists as Paco de Lucía and Chick Corea and, both together and solo, have helped to forge new flamenco fusion, exploring the possibilities of an autochthonous jazz style. The trio is the continuation of the well-known six-piece band of which Benavent and Pardo were members in the nineties, acting as the sextet’s musical heirs. Their mastery of flamenco rhythm was recognised when the album Sin precedentes was acclaimed Best Jazz Album at the 2010 Music Prizes. Moreover, Jorge Pardo was recently named Best European Jazz Musician by the prestigious French Jazz Academy, the highest accolade that body gives to a foreign musician, and never before awarded to a Spanish artist.


Del Mar Artists (Carles Benavent)

Lorenna Del Mar


Queca Hosta Produccions (BENAVENT – DI GERALDO - PARDO)

Queca Hosta






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