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Catalan circus showcased at the Festival Européenne de Cirques

Performing.  Toulouse, 14/10/2015

Between the 14th and the 18th of October, the second edition of the Festival Européenne de Cirques (European Circus Festival), which is being held at La Grainerie in Toulouse, will be showcasing Catalan circus. Three companies and four shows have been billed: Animal Religion (with Tauromàquina and Indomador), Joan Català (with Pelat) and Escarlata Circus (with Cor Roc).

Along with the festival, La Grainerie will be hosting the closing seminar of Autopistes: Circus Dissemination, the cooperation project funded by the European Union’s Culture programme whose purpose is to establish and consolidate circulation networks of contemporary circus shows in Europe and North America. The partners in this project are La Grainerie (Toulouse), the Institut Ramon Llull (Barcelona), Subtopia (Stockholm) and La Tohu (Montreal).

The Catalan showcase will begin with the recent winners of the BBVA Zirkòlika grand prix, Animal Religion. Here they will be presenting Tauromàquina (14th October), a show inspired by bullfighting that from the point of view of the circus speaks to us of our relationship with animals and their sacrifice, the machine-dominated modern world and what lies beyond. The company will also be presenting Indomador (17th October), a story that shows the uncontrollable forces that bind us to the animal that we all carry within: a fusion of contemporary circus, dance and music imbued with the most animalistic part of mankind.

For its part, on 17th and 18th October Escarlata Circus will present Cor Roc, in which the heart-shaped stones that the company has been collecting over the years are used to put on a peculiar exhibition, ranging from a guided tour to a “cardio-theatrical-circus” exercise based on the heart.

Also on 17th and 18th October, it will be the turn of Joan Català’s Pelat, an impressive encounter with a long pine tree trunk, on which, alone, he portrays this vanished society in which words have no importance and where solidarity marks people’s lives.

With the presentation of three companies and four shows

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