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30/01/2018. Jo Confesso (Confessions) by Jaume Cabré wins the Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns International Literary Prize in Sweden
The 2017 Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns International Literary Prize recognises the most outstanding lite...
26/01/2018. Albert Pla presents his show Miedo in Argentina
On 26th January the prestigious Teatro Regional in Buenos Aires will be presenting the first perform...
01/02/2018. Lyrikline incorporates fifteen new Catalan authors, among them five classics
The Goethe Institut and the Institut Ramon Llull have organized a presentation ceremony on Thursday ...
11/01/2018. The programme 'Una mà de contes' presents two chapters created in the context of the Bologna Children’s and Young Adult Book Fair
Una mà de contes starts the year by presenting five new chapters, two of them created as a re...
30/01/2018 Literature

Jo Confesso (Confessions) by Jaume Cabré wins the Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns International Literary Prize in Sweden

The 2017 Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns International Literary Prize recognises the most outstanding literary works. This prestigious Swedish prize is shared by the writer and the translator.
Buenos Aires 
26/01/2018 Performing

Albert Pla presents his show Miedo in Argentina

On 26th January the prestigious Teatro Regional in Buenos Aires will be presenting the first performance of Miedo (Fear), the new show by Albert Pla, which reflects ironically on everyday human fears like paranoia or anguish. Directed by Pepe Miravete, featuring the work of the artistic duo Mondongo and supported by the Institut Ramon Llull, the show can be seen until 11th March.
20/01/2018 Visual Arts

Martí Cormand - Formalizing their concept: After Levine, After Evans

Solo exhibition 'Formalizing their concept: 'After Levine, After Evans' at Josée Bienvenu Gallery' opens January 20, 2018, on view through March 3, 2018.
19/01/2018 Language

Announcement of grants for foreign students to study subjects in Catalan Language and Literature with the UOC

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia, UOC), in collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull, is announcing two enrolment grants for students from foreign universities with the aim of them being able to study two subjects in the UOC’s Catalan Language and Literature degree during the period running from the second semester of the 2017-18 academic year to the first semester of the 2018-19 academic year.
18/01/2018 Literature

Montserrat Abelló Year gets underway in Toulouse

On 18th January the first international activity of the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of the poet and translator from Tarragona Montserrat Abelló (1918-2014) will take place in France.
New York and New Jersey 
17/01/2018 Visual Arts

Dreams of Sand by Sand Artist Borja González in New York and New Jersey

Borja González tells us, with only a little bit of sand and his hands, the story of two people throughout their lives, from the dreams that start building up during their childhood, through the experiences of their adult life. This nonverbal story carries audiences to moments filled with emotions. This show is accompanied by beautiful live music.
New York 
15/01/2018 Performing

Pro Helvetia and IRL Artist Salon at Gibney Dance

On January 15, four Catalan artists and four Swiss artists will present their work in New York. Lali Álvarez, Claudia Cedó, Xesca Salvà, and Ariadna Peya, as well as the curator Anna Giribert (Fira Tàrrega) will attend an Artist Salon organized by Institut Ramon Llull and Pro Helvetia (IRL’s Swiss counterpart) at the Gibney Dance Center in Manhattan. Besides the presentation at the Gibney Dance Center, the artists will scout NYC locations from January 13 to ...
San Francisco 
11/01/2018 Visual Arts

Aída Miró: Tribute Paintings at the Roll Up Gallery

Using a combination of spraypaint, acrylics, and oil paint, Aída Miró has created portraits of Michael Jackson, James Brown, David Bowie, Jimmy Hendrix, Erikah Badu, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Mos Def, Jay Z, as well as Basquiat, Picasso and Frida Kalho.
07/01/2018 Language

Harvard Students in Catalonia!

Students enrolled in the Catalan studies program at Harvard University will participate in a seven-day trip to Barcelona, gaining direct contact with the language and culture they have been learning in the classroom.
05/01/2018 Literature

Montreal Bookstore Hosting Three Mercè Rodoreda Plays

From January 5 to 10, three plays by Merce Rodoreda, Death in Spring, Camelia Street, and In Diamond Square, will be performed at the l’Euguélionne bookstore in Montreal.
05/01/2018 Literature

Josafat, by Prudenci Bertrana, is published in English

Josafat, the Modernista writer Prudenci Bertrana’s best-known novel, had already been published in Aranese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Coinciding with the “Any Bertrana”, Francis Boutle Publishers has published a translation into English by Peter Bush. 
27/12/2017 Literature

Jaume Cabré is awarded the Athens Prize for Literature for Jo confesso (Confessions)

Jo confesso (Confessions), the novel by the Catalan author Jaume Cabré, is a bestseller and has been translated into more than 28 languages. He has now received the 2017 Athens Prize for Literature for the best work of fiction translated into Greek, which adds to his long list of accolades. The book was translated by Evryviadis Wisconsin and published by Polis Publishers in 2016.  
13/12/2017 Performing

Cia La Tal’s animated installations are touring France for Christmas

The street theatre company Cia La Tal is taking “Carilló Noël” and “The Incredible Box” to France for the Christmas holidays. Audiences in a number of towns located in Occitanie, Grand Est and Auvergne will be able to visit these installations inhabited by clowns from 13 to 27 December.
Santiago de Compostela 
13/12/2017 Literature

“Travelling poets” comes to Galicia

After the recital at the Pipa Club in Barcelona on 2nd November, “Travelling Poets” returns to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, on 13th December. The poetry exchange programme, organized by the Consello da Cultura Galega and the Institut Ramon Llull, features the voices of Anna Gual, Blanca Llum Vidal, Joan Pons, Marilar Aleixandre, Yolanda Castaño and Rosalía Fernández Rialo. 
12/12/2017 Music

Quartet Casals perform at the Wigmore Hall in London

On the 12th December, the renowned Quartet Casals will be giving a concert at the Wigmore Hall of London, United Kingdom. The company evokes the creative originality of Beethoven’s string quartets alongside other more recent creations by the composer and cellist Giovanni Sollima.
11/12/2017 Cinema

'Timecode', best short at the European Film Awards

Juanjo Giménez’s film Timecode, which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival for the best short, yesterday picked up the same prize at the European Film Awards ceremony held in Berlin. The short shows the peculiar relationship between two security guards in a car park.
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