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What is the Institut Ramon Llull?


The Institut Ramon Llull is a public body founded with the purpose of promoting Catalan language studies at universities abroad, the translation of literature and thought written in Catalan, and Catalan cultural production in other areas like theatre, film, circus, dance, music, the visual arts, design and architecture.

To this end, the Institut Ramon Llull signs agreements with foreign universities in order to promote Catalan teaching in them and it coordinates and offers support to over 140 centres all over the world where Catalan studies are present. At the same time, the Institut Ramon Llull supports international Catalanist associations and foments specialist studies and linguistic research at prestigious universities. As the official body certifying linguistic competence in Catalan abroad, it organizes examinations and awards certificates for the different levels, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


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Internationalization of Catalan culture

In another sphere of action, the Institut Ramon Llull promotes the translation of works of literature and thought written in Catalan, helping the publishers in other languages that publish them and the translators that perform the task, who are given continuous training and recognition for their work. Dialogue and exchange between Catalan essayists and language researchers and their interlocutors in other languages is facilitated, while the projection of thought and culture journals written in Catalan is encouraged and exchange with those of other countries is promoted.

Finally, the Institut Ramon Llull undertakes to disseminate Catalan literature as a whole at book fairs, and to ensure that artists from Catalonia are present in outstanding programmes of international contemporary creation, through agreements with institutions, international shows, art centres and museums. It works to ensure that Catalan culture is present at world famous festivals and fairs, and takes part in key cultural events in different areas of creation in strategic cities. And it also promotes exchanges between the local and international creative sectors with visits by foreign curators, critics, programmers, publishers and agents, attending festivals, exhibitions, premieres, concerts or conferences in Catalonia.

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