Institut Ramon LLull

Catalan Language Certificates

Nivell bàsic (A2)

Certification of a basic command of the language for simple everyday communication needs.

Sample Exam

Sample Exam
A sample exam is provided in PDF format .
A sample oral comprehension exam is provided in mp3 format: CO 1CO 2CO3CO4

Overall Aim
The exam aims to evaluate whether the examinee has a command of simple everyday communication skills.

Exam Structure
There are four sections to the exam: Communication Skills, Oral Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Oral Expression.


Communication Skills15 %15 min
Oral Comprehension30 %30 min
Reading Comprehension25 %45 min
Oral Expression30 %15 min

Description of the sections


The examinee must be able to identify the appropriate response to a given conversation or everyday situation. There are 15 different conversations or situations with three possible responses for each. The candidate must select the appropriate answer.


The examinee must be capable of understanding the overall meaning and key information in a series of brief oral texts including, for example, advertisements, loudspeaker announcements, news reports and brief dialogues regarding everyday matters.

This section includes 4 exercises with one brief oral text for each and one exercise that involves 5 short dialogues. There are 20 items in all comprising: 
Multiple choice questions (3 and 4 choices).

Brief response.

True/False questions.


The examinee must be able to understand the overall meaning and key ideas of brief and not particularly complicated texts including notes, advertisements, news briefs, surveys, flyiers, programmes for arts and entertainment events and also be able to find the information needed to carry out a task.

This section includes 4 exercises with a total of 20 items of the following types:

Multiple choice questions (3 options).

True/False questions.



The candidate must take part in a conversation and respond to different everyday situations (e.g.: ask for information, introduce someone, describe something). Each examinee is evaluated individually. In the first part of the exam he/she must carry on a conversation that involves brief explanations, some simple descriptions and a short statement of opinion on subjects related to his/her personal experience. The second part of the exam requires responding clearly and appropriately to four different simple everyday experiences.


The examinee receives a pass or fail grade. A passing grade requires a 60% minimum grade in oral expression and 60% on the rest of the exam.


The following  link offers a broad selection of useful bibliographical resources for learning Catalan (complementary methods and materials).

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