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Transfer is an English-language journal featuring articles previously published in Catalan and focusing on current intellectual debates. The journal is published annually by the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) and Publicacions de la Universitat de València (PUV).
The project’s aim is twofold: firstly, to heighten knowledge and awareness abroad of works by contemporary Catalan writers on subjects of cultural interest, thereby promoting dialogue among authors from Catalonia and those from other countries; secondly, and more specifically, Transfer seeks to provide support for a broader international outreach of Catalan journals actively engaged in discussion of pertinent subjects of our times.
Each Transfer issue also includes graphic works, either pictorial reproductions or photographs, by a contemporary artist, thus encouraging a lively dialogue between text content and visual imagery. Artists are selected from among the most-widely recognised names within the rich art scene in the Catalan-speaking territories (Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands).
Transfer’s editorial board members are closely linked with the publishing of scholarly and cultural journals in Catalan. They select the articles that appear in each Transfer issue and also have a voice in steering the journal’s editorial policy.


Transfer includes articles from the following Catalan-language cultural journals. They can be reached at the addresses below.


Director: Manuel Ardit
Editor: Vicent Olmos
Editorial Afers
Dr. Gómez Ferrer, 55 , 1r 5a
46470 Catarroja
Tel. 961 26 93 94

Serra d’or

Director: Josep Massot i Muntaner
Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat
Ausiàs Marc, 92-98
08013 Barcelona
Tel. 93 245 03 03
Fax 93 247 35 94


Director: Antoni Furió
Editor: Gustau Muñoz
Universitat de València and Edicions 3 i 4
Arts Gràfiques 13
46010 València
Tel. 96 386 41 15
Fax 96 386 40 67


Director: Juli Capilla
Publicacions de la Universitat de València
Arts Gràfiques 13
46010 València
Tel. 96 386 41 15
Fax 96 386 40 67

El Contemporani

El Contemporani
Directors: Rafael Aracil and Josep Termes
Editors: Agustí Colomines and Vicent S. Olmos
Editorial Afers
Av. Dr. Gómez Ferrer 55, 1r 5a
Apartat de Correus 267
46470 Catarroja
Tel. 961 26 93 94

Els Marges

Director: Jordi Castellanos, Josep Murgades
L’Avenç S. L.
Passeig de Sant Joan 26, 2n, 1ª
08010 Barcelona
Tel. 96 245 79 21
Fax 96 265 44 16


Director: Sebastià Alzamora
Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació
Rambla de Santa Mònica, 8
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 316 27 00


Director: Alfred Bosch
Editor: Marc Leprêtre
Centre d’Estudis de Temes Contemporanis
Marquès de Barberà 33
08001 Barcelona
Tel. 93 553 90 13


Director: Josep Maria Muñoz
Editor: Núria Iceta
L’Avenç S.L.
Passeig de Sant Joan 26, 2n, 1a
08010 Barcelona
Tel. 93 245 79 21
Fax 93 265 44 16


Director: Damià Pons
Editor: Pere Fullana
L’Espurna Edicions, s.l.
Joan Bauçà 33, 1r
07007 Palma de Mallorca
Tel. 971 25 64 05
Fax 971 25 61 39


Director: Martí Domínguez
Universitat de València
Jardí Botànic
Quart 80
46008 València
Tel.: 96 315 68 28


Directors: Òscar Jané, Joan Peytaví
Editor: Jeroni P. Faixeda
22, Avinguda de la República
F-66270 El Soler (Rosselló)


Directors: Adrià Chavarria [+], Ivan Favà
Germans Cerveto, 6
43500 Tortosa

Segle XX

Director: Andreu Mayayo
Editor: Javier Tébar
Editorial Afers
Dr. Gómez Ferrer 55, 1r 5a
46470 Catarroja
Tel. 96 126 93 94


Editor: Lluís Sanmartín
Ajuntament de Lleida
Carrer Major 31
25007 Lleida
tel. 973 700 394
fax 973 700 432

Barcelona Metropolis

Director: Bernat Puigtobella

Editor: Marga Pont

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Passeig de la Zona Franca, 66

08038 Barcelona

Tel. 93 402 30 99


Director: Sergio Vila-Sanjuán
Editor: Isabel Gómez Melenchón
La Vanguardia Edicions
Av. Diagonal 477
08036 Barcelona
Tel. 93 481 22 00


Director: Josep Vall

Editor: Arnau Albert

Fundació Josep Irla

Calàbria 166

08015 Barcelona

Tel. 935677863


Director: Miquel Calsina

Centre d'Estudis Jordi Pujol

Passeig de Gràcia 8-10, 2n 1a A

08007 Barcelona

Bulletin of Spanish Studies

General Editors: Ann L. Mackenzie, James Whiston, Jeremy Robbins

Associate Editors: Ceri Byrne, julia Biggane, Patricia McDermott

Permission Rights: Zoe Sternberg

Published by Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group)

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