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Transfer is an English-language journal featuring articles previously published in Catalan and focusing on current intellectual debates. The journal is published annually by the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) and Publicacions de la Universitat de València (PUV).
The project’s aim is twofold: firstly, to heighten knowledge and awareness abroad of works by contemporary Catalan writers on subjects of cultural interest, thereby promoting dialogue among authors from Catalonia and those from other countries; secondly, and more specifically, Transfer seeks to provide support for a broader international outreach of Catalan journals actively engaged in discussion of pertinent subjects of our times.
Each Transfer issue also includes graphic works, either pictorial reproductions or photographs, by a contemporary artist, thus encouraging a lively dialogue between text content and visual imagery. Artists are selected from among the most-widely recognised names within the rich art scene in the Catalan-speaking territories (Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands).
Transfer’s editorial board members are closely linked with the publishing of scholarly and cultural journals in Catalan. They select the articles that appear in each Transfer issue and also have a voice in steering the journal’s editorial policy.

#07 / 2012

Focus / Architecture and cities at the cross-roads

editorial address Deu anys: l'eina i la feina
Ten years: tool and toil
Vicenç Villatoro
essays Decàleg per a l'abandó de Bòsnia
The ten commandments for deserting Bosnia
Carles Torner
Revista original: L'Espill
L'accés a l'alimentació
Access to food
Ernest Reig
Revista original: Mètode
L'individu arraconat en el mercat
The individual cornered in the market
Daniel Gamper
Revista original: Barcelona Metropolis
El treball del símbol
The work of the symbol
Joan-Carles Mèlich
Els fronts dèbils del pluralisme polític
The weak side of political pluralism
Ferran Requejo
Revista original: L'Espill
focus The Barcelona Model reviewed
Josep Maria Montaner
Contra la urbanització: de la ciutat post-it a la ciutat pòsit
Against banalising urban planning
Francesc Muñoz
Revista original: Via
La fal·lera de l'arquitectura cònica
The iconic architecture craze
Llàtzer Moix
Revista original: Via
notes & comments Carl Einstein a la "Bella Espanya"
Carl Einstein in "Fairest Spain"
Juan José Lahuerta
Revista original: L’Avenç
Anònims, potser
Anonymous or something
Martí Peran
Revista original: Barcelona Metropolis
Joan Miró torna a la Tate Modern de Londres
Joan Miró returns to the Tate Modern
Anna Vives
Revista original: Lluc
dialogues Josep Termes. La història com a nostàlgia
History as nostalgia. An interview with Josep Termes
Josep Maria Muñoz
Revista original: L’Avenç
about artist Frederic Amat (cat)
Frederic Amat (eng)
Martí Sales
/ Ressenyes
// Autors
/// Revistes
//// Catalan journals
Carme Ferré
///// Última pàgina
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Jorge Wagensberg

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