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Transfer is an English-language journal featuring articles previously published in Catalan and focusing on current intellectual debates. The journal is published annually by the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) and Publicacions de la Universitat de València (PUV).
The project’s aim is twofold: firstly, to heighten knowledge and awareness abroad of works by contemporary Catalan writers on subjects of cultural interest, thereby promoting dialogue among authors from Catalonia and those from other countries; secondly, and more specifically, Transfer seeks to provide support for a broader international outreach of Catalan journals actively engaged in discussion of pertinent subjects of our times.
Each Transfer issue also includes graphic works, either pictorial reproductions or photographs, by a contemporary artist, thus encouraging a lively dialogue between text content and visual imagery. Artists are selected from among the most-widely recognised names within the rich art scene in the Catalan-speaking territories (Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands).
Transfer’s editorial board members are closely linked with the publishing of scholarly and cultural journals in Catalan. They select the articles that appear in each Transfer issue and also have a voice in steering the journal’s editorial policy.

#03 / 2008

Focus / Facing a troubled past: history and memory

editorial address Homenatge als narradors i traductors
A tribute to storytellers and translators
Carles Torner
essays Literatures de l'exili
On the trail of exile
Julià Guillamon
Prendre's seriosament el populisme
Taking populisms seriously
Joan Prats
Revista original: Via
La construcció d'una ciutadania republicana
Forming a Republican citizenry
Victòria Camps
Revista original: L'Espill
focus Un 15 d'agost a Mauthausen
One 15th August in Mauthausen
Francesc-Marc Álvaro
Revista original: Serra d’or
Rastres de mort. Les fosses comunes de la Guerra Civil
Trails of death. The common graves of the Civil War
Queralt Solé
Revista original: Afers
Vindicació dels botxins per a una política del perdó
The vindication of the executioners for a policy of forgiveness
M. Dolors Genovés
Revista original: Idees
Recuperació de la memòria històrica o reparació moral de les víctimes?
Restoring collective memory or making moral reparations to the victims?
Andreu Mayayo
Revista original: L’Avenç
Histoire and Memoire. Avec Borja de Riquer
History and memory. An interview with Borja de Riquer
Llibert Tarragó
Història, memòria i identitat
Memory, history and politics
Albert Balcells
Revista original: Idees
One 15th August in Mauthausen (Notes against disf guration)
One 15th August in Mauthausen (Notes against disf guration)
Francesc-Marc Álvaro
Revista original: Serra d’or
notes & comments La recepció de "Gloire Incertaine" de Joan Sales, història d'una traducció
Joan Sales and Incerta glòria. The polyphonies of a roman-fleuve
Xavier Pla
Santiago Rusiñol. L'artista modern i la Barcelona modernista
Santiago Rusiñol. The modern artist and Modernist Barcelona
Pilar Vélez
Revista original: L’Avenç
Un segle de ciència en Català. L'Institut d'Estudis Catalans fa cent anys
A century of science in Catalan. The IEC a hundred years ago
Carme Puche
Revista original: Mètode
dialogues Quim Monzó. Hi ha tanta diferència entre l'Starbucks i el Guggenheim?
"Is there that much difference between Starbucks and the Guggenheim? An interview with Quim Monzó
Manel Ollé
Revista original: L’Avenç
Conversa amb el filòsof Xavier Rubert de Ventós
Conversation with the philosopher Xavier Rubert de Ventós
Mercè Rius
Revista original: L'Espill
about artist Toni Catany (cat)
Toni Catany (eng)
Manuel Forcano
/ Ressenyes
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