Institut Ramon LLull

Catalan Language Certificates

The Institut Ramon Llull is the body responsible for assessing and certificating students’ knowledge of Catalan outside the Catalan-speaking area. 



The results are available at the virtual office on the date established in the resolution. People who obtain a passing result will be able to download the corresponding diploma.



Asunción, Buenos Aires, Cuenca (Equador), Guadalajara (México), La Plata, Mendoza, Montreal, Osaka, Rosario, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo i Tokio.


    The intention of the Institut Ramon Llull as organiser of the calls for exams to evaluate knowledge of Catalan outside its linguistic area is to conduct these in a normal manner according to the places and dates provided.

    Despite this intention, holding these exams may be affected by measures that may be taken by the various governments and authorities of each place where the exams are held in order to manage the health crisis caused by Covid-19 or other circumstances related to the pandemic.

    If these exams cannot be held in one or more of these place or any incidents arise that affect administering them, the Institut Ramon Llull will inform interested parties of these circumstances.

    If the impossibility of holding an exam occurs once payment has been made, the registration fee will be refunded to interested parties.

    The Institut Ramon Llull is the body responsible for assessing and certificating students’ knowledge of Catalan outside the Catalan-speaking area.


    Resolution launching the second call for exams for the year 2022 to obtain certificates accrediting knowledge of the Catalan language from the consortium of the Institut Ramon Llull (published at Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya Núm. 8628 - 17.3.2022).


    The Institut Ramon Llull certificates enable students to prove their level of knowledge of the Catalan language for academic and occupational purposes (public administration, businesses, institutions, etc.). The exam system is organised on a scale of five levels in line with the Common European Framework References for Languages:


    Registration and payment deadline

    from 04.10.2022 until 18.10.2022, or until vacancies are filled.

    Basic user – elementary (A2): Writing Test05/11/2022
    Independent user – intermediate (B1): Writing Test 05/11/2022
    Independent user – upper intermediate (B2): Writing Test


    Proficient user – advanced (C1): Writing Test19/11/2022
    Proficient user – proficiency (C2): Writing Test12/11/2022
    Publication of results


    Date of oral exams: interested parties will be notified on the day of the written exams.


      The registration process is conducted through the virtual office

      Interested parties can formalise their registration for the exams by either paying the corresponding registration fee or confirming their registration in the places where the exams are exempt from payment. 

      The number of places at each level is limited by the organisational capacity of the call venues. 

      The exam may be cancelled if at least 3 people do not register for a level in an exam location. In case of cancellation, the Institut Ramon Llull will inform the affected people so that they can be examined for the same level in another place, provided there are places available, or they may request the return of their exam fees. 


      • Basic user – elementary (A2) €30
      • Independent user – intermediate (B1) €35
      • Independent user – upper intermediate (B2) €35
      • Proficient user – advanced (C1) €40
      • Proficient user – proficiency (C2) €40

      Any location in Africa, Central and South America and the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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