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13/12/2018. University of Salamanca hosts Catalan Studies Day
The event will kick off with a lecture entitled “Narrative documents from the late Francoist p...
12/12/2018. Open Call for International Curatorial Residency Program at SAC
SAC International Curatorial Residency Program 2019 is the residency program at Barcelona’s Sa...
20/07/2019. Pedro Azara to curate Catalonia's project for the 2019 Venice Biennale of Art
Catalonia will participate in the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale of Art as part of the Eventi C...
26/12/2018. Naomi Kawase and Isaki Lacuesta raise curtain on Filmmakers in Correspondence exhibition and audiovisual program at Paris’ Pompidou Center
The exhibition Filmmakers in Correspondence, which accompanies retrospectives of the oeuvres of Gi...
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15/02/2018 Performing

Marc Rosich presents the show ‘Ocaña, Queen of the Rambles’ in Berlin

Catalan stage manager Marc Rosich takes to the stage at the Neuköllner Oper in Berlin with his new show ‘Ocaña, Queen of the Rambles’. The show is a tribute to the legendary figure of José Pérez Ocaña, a painter and LGBT activist famous for his performances in Barcelona. The show will open on 15th February and run until 3rd March.
01/02/2018 Performing

Catalan and Balearic drama disembarks in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Lima thanks to Temporada Alta

This year, the Temporada Alta festival is once again acting as a platform for promotion of Catalan and Balearic drama in Latin America, in collaboration with the Institut Ramon Llull. In this sixth edition, the artists and companies that have been invited are Guillem Albà and Clara Peya, Animal Religion, Anna Alarcón, Laia Alsina and Xisco Roselló. Their shows can be seen between 1st and 25th February in theatres and arts centres in Buenos Aires, Lima and Montevideo.
24/01/2018 Performing

Catalan presence at the Freiburg International Performing Arts and Music Fair

13 Catalan associations will be at the 30th edition of the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (Germany) from 21st to 24th January, through the Department of Culture’s Catalan Arts stand 
Santiago de Chile 
24/01/2018 Performing

FiraTàrrega is to present an artistic showcase at the Festival Santiago OFF in Santiago de Chile

From 19th to 24th January, FiraTàrrega will be presenting four theatrical proposals at the Chilean festival Santiago OFF. The Institut Ramon Llull has participated in the collaboration agreement that also includes the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), from the Catalan Department of Culture.
23/01/2018 Performing

Ponten Pie presents the show Loo in Lörrach

The Catalan company Ponten Pie will be at the Burghof Theatre in Lörrach, Germany, on 23rd January to perform Loo, a show designed for an audience aged from two to five that is about the power of the wind. 
06/10/2017 Performing

Catalan and Balearic object theatre at the Incanti Festival in Turin

This year the Incanti Festival in Turin, devoted to object theatre, has programmed the Chapertons and Beslight companies. The Incanti Festival programmes all kinds of theatre which do not come into the catalogue of author or prose drama. This year it is being held from 3 to 9 October.
New York 
06/11/2015 Performing

Los Columpios (The Swings), by Catalan playwright Roger Simeon, full production at the IATI Theater in New York

A play about a man and a woman who meet up in a playground and discuss random topics and issues in order to avoid doing what they are supposed to do: talk about themselves. 
12/10/2015 Literature

An international contemporary theatre symposium at the Sorbonne’s Catalan Studies Centre

Entitled “Contemporary Drama: Rebirth or Extinction?”, the symposium is part of the Catalan Studies Seminar organized by Sorbonne University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research into the Contemporary Iberian World (CRIMIC), in Paris. It will be held from 12th to 14th October and is in collaboration with the Institut del Teatre and the Institut Ramon Llull, among others.
27/05/2015 Performing

‘Spraoi’, an Irish-Catalan show at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris

The Gombeens, a theatre company formed by the Catalan Miquel Barceló and the Irishman Jonathan Gunning, present Spraoi in Paris. The show, designed for all audiences, tells the story of a meeting between two boys, one Irish and the other Catalan, who will struggle to bridge the gaps that separate them and be able to have fun together. The work is in Catalan and Irish and will be performed on 27 May at 16.30 at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. 
15/05/2015 Performing

‘La pell en flames’ by Guillem Clua has its first performance in London

Skin in Flames, the English version of the work by the dramatist Guillem Clua arrives on the London stage for the first time performed by the Bots&Barrals company and the StoneCrabs Theatre. This new production will have its first performance on 15 May at the Park Theatre. It will be on until 6 June.  
04/04/2015 Performing

Joan Català’s circus arrives in Paris

The Institut Ramon Llull is taking the Catalan artist’s circus to the city as part of the Hautes Tensions Festival on 4 and 5 April. He will be presenting his show Pelat, a story of the relation between a man and a piece of wood. 
22/12/2014 Performing

The Catalan performing arts on a Christmas tour around Spain

Four Catalan theatre and dance companies have scheduled performances for the Christmas holidays in the provinces of León, Madrid, Segovia and Ciudad Real. The Companyia Roberto G. Alonso will be in Ponferrada; Marcel Gros in Arganda del Rey, Meco and Segovia; Brodas Bros in La Solana and Torrejón de Ardoz; and the Companyia de Pep Bou also in Segovia. All the performances have the support of the Institut Ramon Llull, which is committed to introducing Catalan performers to the international ...
03/07/2014 Performing

‘We’re two people who try to come to an agreement and when we do so we find it super creative’

After writing the humorous monologue Non solum, Sergi López and Jorge Picó present 30/40 Livingstone, a work they have created, directed and performed together. It will be given its first performance at the Festival de Temporada Alta and, from 4 to 27 July, it will be on at Avignon à la Catalane. The work shows us a contemporary man, talkative and contradictory, extremely dissatisfied, who decides to leave everything and set off in search of great adventures far away. There ...
03/06/2014 Performing

Sònia Sánchez and Roger Bernat perform in the fifth Chantiers d’Europe Festival in Paris

Sònia Sánchez and Roger Bernat are the Catalan artists invited to the fifth multidisciplinary Chantiers d’Europe Festival organised at the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris between 3 and 28 June. The festival is designed to introduce new ideas about the forms of representation and relations with the audience, as well as new generations of European artists. This year artists from the countries of Southern Europe have been invited.
22/05/2014 Performing

Pere Faura presents three projects at the fourth French dance festival Ambivalence(s)

The choreographer and dancer Pere Faura presents a threefold event at the dance festival Ambivalence(s), which will be held from 22 to 28 May in Valence (Drôme), a town in the south of France, whose title this year is “(No) Sex (No) City”. At the festival, Faura will be presenting two shows and a dance workshop. Ambivalence(s) is a festival of contemporary creation where dramaturgy and the city and surroundings mingle and question one another. At open air spaces performers and ...
27/07/2013 Performing

Catalan street theatre companies Kamchatcka, Fadunito and the Wondering Orquestra to perform at SURGE 2013

This year's SURGE festival brings an exciting strand of Catalonian street theatre to Glasgow. Over the last weekend of July, five shows by acclaimed Catalan theatre groups will make their way through the Merchant City.  
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