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26/07/2020 paperllull

Rafael Guastavino, the architect of New York

Who was the Valencian who revolutionised the construction systems used in the United States between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? In this article, the writer and artist Anna Moner introduces ...
18/06/2018 Archit. & design

The IRL calls a selection process for curation proposals for Catalonia’s participation in the Venice Biennale Arte 2019

The Institut Ramon Llull has called a selection process to choose a curation proposal for Catalonia’s participation in the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale Arte 2019 within the Eventi ...
11/05/2018 Archit. & design

The space SIMON 100 is hosting a round table with previous curators of the Catalan presence at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Next Tuesday, 15th May, from 7 pm SIMON 100 (C/ Sancho de Ávila, 66) will be hosting the meeting between the curators of Catalan participation at the Architecture Biennale in the last few years. ...
03/05/2018 Archit. & design

The Institut Ramon Llull presents as Collateral Event 'RCR. Dream and Nature'

The Institut Ramon Llull presents as Collateral Event RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice, a project about the architecture firm, RCR Arquitectes - recipients of the Pritzker Architecture Prize ...
26/05/2016 Archit. & design

“Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice” is to represent Catalonia at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Catalonia will be taking part in the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale with the project “Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond Architects”. The Minister for Culture, Santi Vila, ...
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26/05/2016 Archit. & design

Trailer Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond architects.

Trailer of the exhibition 'Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond Architects' which will be shown at Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. Curated by Jaume Prat, Jelena Prokoplevic and ...
09/05/2016 Archit. & design

AFTERMATH_Nota de premsa / Nota de prensa / Press release / Comunicato stampa

Aftermath_Catalonia in Venice. Architecture beyond architects.Nota de premsa / Nota de prensa / Press release / Comunicato stampa 
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08/10/2015 Arts

The École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais puts on an exhibition of Toni Cumella’s pottery

The École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais, one of the 20 French national schools of architecture, will be the venue for the exhibition Ceràmica Cumella: ...
16/06/2015 Archit. & design

The IRL convenes the competition to choose the curating project that will represent Catalonia at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

The Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) is convening a public competition to choose the curating project for the participation of Catalonia at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale next year. This will be the ...
02/06/2015 Archit. & design

RCR Arquitectes have been awarded the Gold Medal by the French Academy of Architecture

The French Academy of Architecture has awarded the Academy’s Gold Medal  for 2015 to the Olot Studio RCR Arquitectes, created and formed by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta, in ...
21/05/2015 Archit. & design

Fabra i Coats is the venue for ‘Grafting Architecture’ after its success at the Venice Biennale

Thursday saw the presentation of the exhibition Grafting Architecture at Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Centre in Barcelona. The show, promoted by the Institut Ramon Llull in association with the ...
10/09/2014 Archit. & design

Barcelona design and architecture descend on Beijing

Barcelona is the guest city at the Beijing Design Week (BJDW), Asia's most important event in the areas of design, architecture and urban planning. This platform, considered a highly strategic one ...
01/08/2014 Archit. & design

Barcelona, guest city at Beijing Design Week in September

Barcelona will be the guest city at the forthcoming Beijing Design Week (BJDW), one of the most relevant events in Asia in the field of design, architecture and urban planning which will be held from ...
01/07/2014 Archit. & design

Jordi Badia, Félix Arranz and Josep Torrents claim that there has been a change of paradigm in architecture today

Last Tuesday the last Conversation at the Llull of the quarter gathered the testimony of the curators of the two projects that represented Catalonia at the Venice Architecture Biennale. The speakers were ...
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