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Internship Students

The Institut Ramon Llull offers academic internship to Catalan Studies students in the University Network of Catalan Studies Abroad. The aim of these internship programme is to enable the students to supplement their academic education and to acquire skills that will enable them to carry out their professional activities in their future jobs within a Catalan-speaking setting.

The internships offered by the Institut Ramon Llull are configured as academic activities that are integrated into the universities’ curricula. As such, they will have academic recognition consistent with the established rules and procedures of each university. The priority areas are translation, copywriting and copy-editing; community management, social media; education; and cultural and tourism management.


  • To facilitate the student’s professionalisation through practical training in a firm.
  • To broaden the student’s knowledge of the Catalan language through language immersion in a Catalan-speaking area.
  • To bring universities and firms closer together and to meet common needs efficiently.


Students may undertake internships in Catalonia in their year abroad or in the 3rd and 4th year of their degree courses or during the master courses.

The length of the curricular external internships will be set by the curriculum (a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months), though the preferred length is 4 months.

The timetables will be set in accordance with the characteristics of the internships and availability within the collaborating entity.


The internships will be remunerated in line with each firm or institution’s possibilities.


Catalan Studies students taking undergraduate courses in Philology, Modern Languages and Literature, Literary Studies, Humanities, Journalism, Communication, etc. at universities that form part of the University Network of Catalan Studies.


Please send an e-mail to and we will provide you with details of the Internship Programme.

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