And sleeping I saw so much
a perfect view
reaching those beautiful lands
beastly animals everywhere.
Elephants triumphed over there,
mighty tigers and lions,
panthers, leopards clapped
horses, donkeys, humped camels,
bears, dragons, deer, boars,
deer and chamois by the hundreds,
cows, oxen, sheep, rams,
wolves, foxes, ferrets, hedgehogs,
dogs, cats, rats and squirrels
and more than I just can’t tell,
they had come from everywhere
all the quadrupeds ever born.
Then I saw many birds
annoying each other,
eagles, vultures and griffons,
blackbirds, sparrows and hawks,
chickens, wood pigeons and pheasants,
cuckoos, crows, crows, kites,
cranes, egrets, swans, peacocks,
partridges, woodcocks and capons,
doves, herons and sparrows,
thrushes, larks and starlings,
turtle doves, parrots, owls,
roosters, swallows, grouse
and such a large number of birds
that not one missed their cry.
Wasps, flies, gadflies, cicadas,
ants and wingless spiders,
worms, snails and screaming bees,
bed bugs, lice and jumping goats.
All the animals were present
except the fish swimming in the sea.

—Anselm Turmeda