Carlos Casas

Carlos Casas is a filmmaker and artist whose practice encompasses film, sound and the visual arts. His works have been presented in International exhibitions like La Biennale di Venezia, Shanghai Biennale, Bangkok Biennale, and Istanbul Biennial. His films have been screened and awarded in festivals around the world, like the Venice Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival, CPH DOX Copenhagen, FID Marseille, to name a few. Retrospectives of his films have been presented international festivals and cinematheques from Madrid, Mexico to Bruxelles, his work has been exhibited and performed in international art institutions and galleries, such as Tate Modern in London, Fondation Cartier, Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou in Paris, NTU CCA Singapore; Hangar Bicocca, and La Triennale in Milan, CCCB Barcelona, Matadero Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Madrid, MAAT Lisbon, GAM Torino, Bozar, Kunsten Festival des Arts Bruxelles, among others.

Filipa Ramos

Filipa Ramos, PhD, is a writer and curator. She is Lecturer at the Arts Institute of the HGK/FHNW, Basel. Her research focuses on how contemporary art engages with nature and ecology. Ramos is curator of the Art Basel Film sector and a founding curator of the online artists’ cinema Vdrome. Ongoing and upcoming projects include and the arts, humanities and science festival The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish (since 2018, with Lucia Pietroiusti). In 2022, she curated Persons Persone Personen, the 8th Biennale Gherdëina (with Lucia Pietroiusti). In 2021, she co-curated Bodies of Water, the 13th Shanghai Biennale (with Andrés Jaque, Lucia Pietroiusti, Marina Otero Verzier and Mi You).
Ramos was Editor-in-Chief of e-flux criticism (2013-20), Associate Editor of Manifesta Journal (2009-11) and contributed for Documenta 13 (2012) and 14 (2017). She authored Lost and Found (Silvana Editoriale, 2009) and edited Animals (Whitechapel Gallery/MIT Press, 2016). Her upcoming book, The Artist as Ecologist, will be published by Lund Humphries in 2024.

Institut Ramon Llull

The Institut Ramon Llull is a consortium made up of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Government of the Balearic Islands, the City Council of Barcelona and the City Council of Palma. It is dedicated to promoting the Catalan language and culture abroad. The Institute has been producing and organizing the participation of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in the Collateral Events of La Biennale di Venezia since 2009.


Organization and Production: Institut Ramon Llull

Artist: Carlos Casas

Curator: Filipa Ramos

Curator of Public Programs: Pol Capdevila

Images: Carlos Casas

Sound Recordings: Chris Watson

Composition: Chris Watson & Carlos Casas

Voice: Marina Herlop

Audio engineering and spatialization: Tony Myatt

Sound mix: Armand Lesecq

Additional sound recording: Marc Parazon

Images of Trap Camera: Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró (Jordi Garcia, Toni Giró, Elena Julià Alsina, Raul Olivares); Projecte “Gat Fer Catllaràs” (David Fitó, Ramon Flores, Arnau Campanera, Albert Peris, Joan Aguilar, Toni Mampel); Grup FELIS (ICHN, Institució Catalana d’Història Natural); Blanca Martí de Ahumada.

Visual Identity: Phantasia

Communication and PR: Institut Ramon Llull & Pickles PR

Translation: Mireia Alegre, Tiziana Camerani

Head of Production: Marta Millet Agustí

Venice Coordinators: Tamara Andruszkiewicz, Favio Monza

Transport: Feltrero División Arte

Install: GROP, Sono, Tour Serveis

Naturalist: Blanca Martí de Ahumada

Drone pilots: Raül Acuña Rubio (Delabrave), Guido Manuilo (Dronelab)

Color and image postproduction: Yannig Willman


Technology and speakers: Ralf Baumgartner, sonible; Osvaldas Putkis, Focusonics; Giorgio de Vecchi and Giulia di Lenarda, Futura Research; Professor Philip Jackson and Dr. Craig Cieciura, CVSSP, University of Surrey, Wave field synthesis research was supported by UKRI EPSRC and BBC Prosperity Partnership AI4ME: Future Personalised Object-Based Media Experiences Delivered at Scale Anywhere EP/V038087.

Renders: Stefano Zeni / OUTofRAM

With the collaboration of: àngels barcelona; Batalha Centro de Cinema, Porto; Departament d’Acció Climàtica, Alimentació i Agenda Rural, Generalitat de Catalunya; Diputació de Barcelona, Àrea d’Espais Naturals i Infraestructura Verda; Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera; Institute Art Gender Nature – HGK FHNW, Basel; IUAV Arti Visive, Venezia; MACRO, Roma; SSH! Sound Studies Hub, Venezia; University of Surrey Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP); Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Dipartimento di Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati; Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

Technological partners: sonible; Focusonics, developed by Neurotechnology; Futura Research

We would like to thank: The teams of the Network of Natural Parks of the Generalitat de Catalunya: Xavier Abril, Albert Burgas, Lluís Culleré, Ponç Feliu, Marc Garriga, Elena Julià, Xavier Marco, Xavier Massot, Joan Mestre, Elisenda Montserrat, Marta Moratonas, Jordi Palau, Cristina Palés, Xavier Oliver, Santi Ramos, Daniel Salvador, Eva Torres, Xavier Vilabella. The teams of the Network of Natural Parks of the Diputació de Barcelona: Rodrigo del Amo, Albert Buil, David Carrera, Josep Canals, Adrià Fàbrega, Toni Mampel, Josep Melero, Sandra Morujo, Xavier Navalon, Daniel Pons, Elisabet Ros, Sònia Solorzano. Other collaborators: Àngel Bonada, Joan Gassó (Fuives), Carles Martorell, Josep Mercado, Toni Nievas, Josep Maria Fabra, Ester Tobías Rossell, Joan Torres.

Carlos Casas and Filipa Ramos personally thank: àngels Barcelona: Emilio Álvarez, Gabriela Moragas, Quico Peinado; Francesco Bergamo; Inês Bianchi; Guilherme Blanc; Edoardo Bonaspetti; Enric Bou; Nicola Di Croce; Olga Díaz Solé; Elvira Dyangani Ose and the members of the selection committee; Ben Eastham; gerdastudio; Saodat Ismailova; Maria Lladó; Oriol Magrinyà; Cesare Pietroiusti; Luca Lo Pinto; Attar Martinez Ismailova; Sibel Martinez Ismailova; Chus Martínez; Marta Millet Agustí; Paolo Rosso; Xavier Ruiz Sánchez; Luís Silva; Nataša Vasiljević; Angela Vettese.

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