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The duo Tarta Relena to take part in an artistic residency at Portuguese festival MIL

Arts.  LISBON, 20/07/2021

Over five days, the folk group Tarta Relena will take part in an artistic residency together with the Portuguese group Lavoisier. The initiative is a project from the Institut Ramon Llull and the MIL Festival in Lisbon (MIL - Internacional Music Network), focusing on the discovery, promotion and internationalisation of popular music. The collaboration between the two duos will culminate in a unique show which can be enjoyed live at the festival in Lisbon on 15th, 16th and 17th September.

Marta Torrella and Helena Ros are the two members of Tarta Relena, a group formed in 2016 and they are releasing their third album this summer called “Fiat Lux”, out in September. With a repertory ranging from music from oral tradition to those of singer-songwriters with something to do with the geographical area of the Mediterranean, they are looking to explore the sounds of different vocal music styles a cappella. On this occasion, they are collaborating with Lavoisier, a group formed by Patrícia Relvas and Roberto Alfonso in 2012 whose goal was to delve into the roots of Portuguese music by way of the electric guitar and two voices.

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