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Configuration of web browsers

When I enter, the browser warns that the website is not safe. What should I do?

Message that appears with the Mozilla Firefox browser:

Ajuda als navegadors web

Message that appears with the Internet Explorer browser:


By clicking on the option “I understand the risks” or “Go to this website (not recommended)” of the message shown by the browser you can add an exception that will allow you to avoid it on future visits. 

Instructions for trusting all the CatCert certificates permanently installed on various websites.

If you download and install the public keys for the CatCert certificate, it will be installed on the root of your browser. On subsequent visits to the IRL virtual office or to other websites that have a CatCert certificate installed it will not be necessary to validate the certificate again.

For more information:


How should I configure the browser to work with digital certificates?

You can obtain information about how to adjust your browser in the following Agència Catalana de Certificació manuals:

How to adjust your Firefox browser? download

How to adjust your Internet Explorer browser?: download

How to adjust your Chrome browser?: download

More information about the Agència Catalana de Certificació certificates:


How should I configure the certificates on a Mac?

To be able to sign documents on a computer using the MAC OS X system, you should install the certificates through the Keychain app. This is the default application for the management of the certificates. So, if you double click on a certificate file, it will be installed there.

See detailed instructions.

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