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Five reasons to
study catalan


In a world where there aremore than 6,000 languages,Catalan has made a placefor itself thanks to its uniquefeatures. Celebrate linguistic diversity by studying a Romancelanguage. There are over 10million Catalan speakers acrossfour countries, but the languageis struggling to maintain itspresence in the world. Are youup for giving it a hand?

Delve into an
cultural realm

Catalan is a language of film, literature, music, theatre, cooking, sport, architecture and many other things. If you learnit, you’ll get a better insight into figures like Gaudí, Miró and Rodoreda. Did you know that Rosalía, the Roca brothers, Carlos Cuevas, Carla Simón and Pep Guardiola all speak Catalan?

Open doors
to new job

Translation, subtitling, tourism,teaching, publishing, academicresearch… and the list goeson. Catalan opens many doors!Having several languages onyour CV is a huge plus, andCatalan doesn't go unnoticed.What's more, you'll be able totake official exams that willcertify your level accordingto the Common EuropeanFramework of Reference forLanguages.

Join Xarxa
Llull, the
of Catalan

Studying Catalan allows youto join a community that isboth local and global, wherelearners' share their interest in,and love of, Catalan languageand culture. Language-learningstays in Catalan-speakingcountries, online courses andinternational meetings arejust some of the activities thathelp to create a community ofstudents who socialise and havefun while learning Catalan.

Enjoy your
stay to the

Learning about the culture andspeaking the language willhelp you enjoy the experienceof living in Catalan-speakingterritories to the fullest. Minglewith the locals, practice Catalanand ask questions about what'son your mind regarding theirsocial and cultural reality. You'llwin them over in no time!

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