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Summer Stay in Valencia (AVL – IRL)


In July, Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua and Institut Ramon Llull host a language stay for students of Catalan/Valencian from universities and other educational centres abroad. This programme is a great opportunity for those who want to spend the summer improving their language skills and discovering the city of Valencia.

The Summer language stay in Valencia combines language and culture courses with a programme of culture and leisure activities.


Dates and timetable

Valencia: from 7 to 20 July 2024

Target group

Students from universities and other centres abroad where Catalan Studies are taught.

Requirements for applicants

To attend or have attended a minimum of 100 hours of Catalan language studies at any university or centre outside the Catalan-speaking area.

Number of spots

30 (10 are reserved for students from universities jointly funded by the Government of Valencia).


Language courses

  • Elementary level (B1 CEFR)
  • Intermediate level (B2 CEFR)

27 classroom hours with specialised teachers

Culture course

7 hours on urban planning, cuisine, literature, film and television, music and fine arts.

Cultural activities

24 hours visiting historical sites, monuments, natural landmarks, cinemas and/or performances.


Applications (from 3 -29 April 2024)

Anyone interested must fill in the application form available on the Institut Ramon Llull Virtual Office (

After submitting the application form, the applicant’s Catalan language teacher will automatically receive a message with a link to an online form they must fill in with the following information:

- Verification that the applicant is attending or has attended a Catalan/Valencian language course abroad. The teacher must also include an assessment of the applicant’s level of achievement in the Catalan language.

The application will only be complete when the teacher has filled in the online form with the information above. At this time, the applicant will receive confirmation by email. Applications may be submitted between 3-29 April 2024, and teachers have additional days to fill in their part of the application form. No applications will be accepted without this information.

Applicants who do not meet the admissions requirements or do not submit their application by the deadline will be excluded from the selection process. Any student applications received by Institut Ramon Llull after 29 April 2024 and teacher reports received by Institut Ramon Llull after 2 May 2024 shall be considered to have missed the deadline.

Selection of participants

A committee will be set up with representatives from AVL and IRL to assess the applications received, according to the following criteria:

1. That the applicant did not participate in the 2023 edition of the Summer language stay in Valencia, the Catalan Language University Campus or the Summer language stay in the Balearic Islands. Assessment: up to 1 point

2. That the applicant has received a Catalan language certificate from Institut Ramon Llull or the Government of Andorra. Assessment: up to 1 point

3. The reasons the applicant is learning Catalan/Valencian. Assessment: up to 4 points

4. Achievement in the Catalan/Valencian language course or courses the applicant is attending or has attended at universities outside the Catalan/Valencian-speaking areas. Assessment: up to 4 points

Participation in the Summer language stay in Valencia is limited to three individuals from any given university, chosen based firstly on their achievement in the course or courses the applicants are attending or have attended. This limitation does not apply to students from universities jointly funded by the Government of Valencia.

In case of a tie, the applicants who have never participated in language stays organised or jointly organised by the IRL shall be given priority. If the situation cannot be resolved based on any other criteria, priority shall be given in the order the applications were received.

If the number of applicants selected based on the assessment criteria does not reach 30, more than three applicants may be chosen from the same university. There may under no circumstances be more than 30 participants in the Summer language stay in Valencia.

From 15 May, applicants may see whether they have been selected on the Institut Ramon Llull online noticeboard.

Applicants who meet the admissions requirements but were not selected initially will be put on the wait list.


Registration (from 15 to 23 May 2024)

Applicants selected for the Summer language stay in Valencia must confirm they will participate by sending an email to No registration will be valid without this confirmation.

If any of the selected applicants decline their spot, those on the wait list may register for the Summer language stay in Valencia from 30 May to 6 June.

Applicants who turn down their spot in the Summer language stay in Valencia must notify Institut Ramon Llull before 15 June. If notification is given after this date, without just cause (health problems, academic or work issues), they will be barred from applying to the programme for the following two years.

In either case, the vacancies will be offered to applicants on the wait list based on the points from the assessment of the original applications.

Registration covers:

  • Language and culture course
  • Educational materials
  • Cultural activities
  • Accommodations with full board
  • Insurance (covers all teaching, cultural and leisure activities expressly noted in the Summer language stay in Valencia programme).

European citizens must have European Health Insurance.

For more information on the Summer language stay in Valencia, visit the website ( or contact Institut Ramon Llull (

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