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Language Stays in Catalan-speaking Areas

17th Catalan Language University Campus

The Catalan Language University Campus is the result of the collaboration between the Government of Andorra and the Institut Ramon Llull and it offers to the students­­­ —thanks to the language courses and to their participation in a wide range of cultural and leisure activities— the possibility to get to know the social and natural context of Catalonia and Andorra. This linguistic and cultural immersion carried out halfway between the  Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Andorra, gives the students the opportunity to live fully in Catalan during a few days.

Accommodation and duration

Girona (Catalonia): from the 22nd to the 29th of July 2018

More information:

La Massana (Andorra): from the 29th of July to the 5th of August 2018

More information:


Any non-Catalan speaker college student interested in Catalan language and its culture. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance and achievement, provided that they have participated in the 90% of the classes.


Language courses

  • Basic level / elementary (A2 MECR)
  • Elementary level / intermediate (B1 MECR)

30 hours of class with specialized professors

Culture course

15 hours on cultural aspects present in the countries where Catalan is spoken (sociolinguistics, art, literature, geography and history, architecture, science, etc.).

Cultural and leisure activities

During evenings and weekends, the wide cultural and leisure offer brings the opportunity to know Catalonia and Andorra (trips and cultural routes, visits to historic monuments, exploring of natural spaces, etc.).


  • To attend or have attended a minimum of 50 hours of Catalan language studies in any university outside the linguistic domain.
  • To have basic spoken Catalan skills.

Number of available places

30 (3 places are reserved to those students coming from the Centre Carlemany de Llengua Catalana in Prague, dependent on the Government of Andorra, who has been one of the drivers behind the Campus).

Application for registration (from the 4th of April to the 11th of May 2018)

Those interested should fill in the application for registration available at the electronic office of the Institut Ramon Llull 

Once the applicant has sent the application, his or her Catalan language professor will automatically receive a message with a link to the electronic application that will have to be filled with the following information:

- That the applicant attends or has attended Catalan language studies abroad and that has basic spoken Catalan skills. The application must also include an assessment of the student’s level of achievement in relation to Catalan language.

The application will be completed when the professor have filled the electronic application with the cited information. Once this happen, the applicant will receive a confirmation email. Any application missing this information will not be accepted.

Those not fulfilling with the application requirements or submitting the application after said deadline will be excluded from the selection process (understanding out of deadline all applications registered on the Institut Ramon Llull after the 11th of May 2018).

Selection of participants

The Institut Ramon Llull and the Government of Andorra will create a commission to evaluate the submitted applications in accordance with the following evaluation criteria:

1. That the applicant has not participated in the two previous editions of the Catalan Language University Campus, Summer Language Stay in the Balearic Islands, or the Summer Language Stay in Valencia. Assessment: up to 1 point.

2. That the applicant is in possession of any of the Institut Ramon Llull or the Andorra Government Catalan language certificates: Assessment: up to 1 point.

3. Reasons why the applicant is learning Catalan. Assessment: up to 3 points.

4. Level of achievement of the course or courses on Catalan language in which the applicant is enrolled to or has been enrolled to at any of the universities outside the linguistic domain. Assessment: up to 3 points.

A maximum of three people from the same university is established, considering preferential criteria upon the level of achievement of the course or courses on which those interested in are enrolled or have been enrolled to.

In case the number of applications does not reach 30, it will be possible to select more than three people from the same university. Under no circumstances the total number of selected people will exceed the 30 places.

From the 22nd of May, those interested could consult the resolution of the selection process at the  bulletin board of the electronic office of the Institut Ramon Llull.

Those fulfilling with the admission requirements but not having been selected in the first instance will become part of a reserve list.

Registration (from the 22nd to the 31st of May 2018)

Those who have been selected to participate in the Campus will have to confirm the registration by sending a message to Unconfirmed registrations will not be accepted.

In case of resignation from any of the selected ones, those who are in the reserve list will be able to register in the Campus. The deadline for this new period of registration is from the 1st to the 10th of June.

If any person resign to participate in the Campus will have to communicate it to the Institut Ramon Llull before the 15th of June. Time-barred communications with no justified reason (health issues, academic or professional matters) will imply the impossibility to participate in the forthcoming two editions.

In both cases vacancies will be offered to the people in the reserve list, according to the mark obtained in the assessment of the application.

Registration for the Campus includes:

  • Language and culture course
  • Teaching material
  • Cultural and leisure activities
  • Transport
    • Girona – La Massana (29/07/2018)
    • La Massana – Andorra la Vella (05/07/2018)
  • Full-board accommodation
  • Insurance (covers all the teaching, cultural and leisure activities specifically cited in the Campus program). 

European Citizens must be in possession of the European Health Insurance Card.

For more information about the Catalan Language University Campus, please do consult the and sites. You can also send a message to the Institut Ramon Llull (

Sponsors of IRL projects

The Institut Ramon Llull

is a consortium that comprises the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia), Balearic Islands Government and the Barcelona City Council, and its mission is the promotion of Catalan language and culture abroad.

Generalitat de CatalunyaGovern Illes BalearsAjuntament de Barcelona

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