The RCR studio was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2017. In the light of this international recognition, and at a moment when their professional sphere is more public than ever, we present an exhibition that introduces Rafael, Carme and Ramon’s most intimate universe.

This is not an architecture exhibition. RCR has its own unique cosmogony: a vision of humans, of nature and life in general that transcends mere architecture. They are philosophers who intervene in reality with architectural tools. Like demiurges, they shape the world. And they do so with the conviction of speaking a universal language that they access through the local and real.

Since the first architecture exhibition in 1980, the Biennale has been a vital event in the sector. Art, film, music and theatre exhibitions had all been established, generating attention and interest in these disciplines. Venice captures the world’s attention, and if there’s one thing that unites all the Biennales, it’s the essence with which they work: excitement, emotion and dreams.

The Biennale acts as a catalyst for all professionals who attend it. We pursue inspiration, dreams, and intuitions that transform into future projects in the coming months. We acquire knowledge that follows us wherever we go. That is why it’s so fascinating (and such an exercise in generosity) that extremely sensitive minds like those of Rafael, Carme and Ramon are sharing their dreams and most enlightened aspirations.

Nature and history is the physical place that has been chosen to develop a space to conceive and experiment and to rethink man’s relationship with the world. This physical space is located in the La Vila estate, in the Bianya Valley, surrounded by woods, water, farmland, country houses, etc. In this environment, research is not defined as an isolated phenomenon, but rather as having a direct relationship with what is being explored. It’s a creative, experimental project, and one that is constantly evolving.

Technological advances and innovation are applied on an experiential basis in this landscape. New realities are generated, like the humanitacle, a project about the synthesis of man and the built habitat in relation to the surroundings, nature and technology, and la dona i l’home núvol (cloud woman and cloud man), creative beings par excellence and creators of reality.

In Venice, for the first time ever, we are presenting the dreams of RCR. A utopia under construction.

Pati Nunez + Estel Ortega


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