Parallel Program

NEW FORMATS: DREAM AND NATURE is a conversation cycle forming part of RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice.
NEW FORMATS aims to reflect on new formats, based on various analyses of the curatorship, dissemination and critique of architecture.

3 May
7:00pm_Talk «RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice»
Participants: Pati Núñez, Estel Ortega & RCR Arquitectes
Location: Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC). Barcelona

15 de maig
7:00pm_Round table «Creating knowledge. New ways of communicating ART and ARCHITECTURE»
Participants: Félix Arranz; Josep Torrents, Jaume Prat, Jelena Prokopljević and Isaki Lacuesta. Moderated by Pati Núñez & Estel Ortega.
Location: ESPAI SIMON 100. c. Sancho de Ávila, 66. Barcelona

24 de maig
12:00pm*_12:00pm*_Talk “Creating knowledge. New ways of communicating ART and ARCHITECTURE”
Participants: Eva Franch & Pedro Gadanho. Moderated by Pati Núñez.
Location: Calle Quintavalle 40. Venezia (Castello).

25 de maig
Participants: Glenn Murcutt, Juhani Pallasmaa & William J.R. Curtis. Introduced by Estel Ortega.
Location Calle Quintavalle 40. Venezia (Castello).

5:30pm*_CLOSING SUMMARY on «RCR. Somni i natura»
Participants: William J.R. Curtis & RCR Arquitectes.
Location: Calle Quintavalle 40. Venezia (Castello).

The Architects’' Association of Catalonia (COAC) as part of their Cultural Program and Simon.

About the exhibition> In Venice, for the first time ever, we present the dream of RCR under the title “RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice.” The studio was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2017. The exhibition has been curated by Pati Nunez, Estel Ortega and RCR Arquitectes and introduces Rafael, Carme and Ramon’'s most intimate universe. A utopia under construction.

**This event will be streamed from Venice to Barcelona (COAC).

Parallel program curators: Pati Nunez & RCR Arquitectes


Eva Franch © Stefan Ruiz


New York-based architect, since 2010 Franch has directed the Storefront for Art and Architecture gallery in NYC, and has just been named director of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. In 2014, her project, OfficeUs, was selected for the US pavilion at the 14. Biennale di Architettura

Pedro Gadanho

Pedro Gadanho

© Pedro Guimarães

After working for three years as the curator at the MoMA in New York, the Portuguese architect became the first director of the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon, which was inaugurated in 2016.

Glenn Murcutt © NGV


The highly acclaimed Australian architect, 2002 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize and currently Chair of the Jury for that prize. He has designed some of the most outstanding and sustainable buildings in his country, personally undertaking all of the associated tasks. Murcutt has received numerous awards, such as the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal (1992) and the Alvar Aalto Medal (1992). In addition, he has given lectures and master classes all over the world, founded the Architecture Foundation Australia and holds six honorary doctorates.

Juhani Pallasmaa © Knut Thyberg


Finnish architect and former dean at the Helsinki University of Technology. Pallasmaa was the director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and of the Institute of Industrial Arts o Helsinki. He is a professor at various universities, including Washington University at St. Louis and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he has given conferences around the world. He is also an honorary member of the SAFA, AIA and RIBA.

William J.R. Curtis


Renowned British historian of modern architecture, critic, writer, painter, and photographer. One of his most famous works, Modern Architecture Since 1900, was published in 1982 and has been re-edited numerous times since. Curtis has taught various courses related to art and architecture at universities in Europe, the USA, Asia, Latin America and Australia.