Institut Ramon LLull


Edicions de 1984, 2023
240 pages



Raül Garrigasait

"Symbolism and reality converge when an apocalyptic plague of boars descends on Barcelona"

Widower Andreu Garom, a specialist on wild boars, finds himself in demand when the beasts begin to meander down into the city centre. An interview he gives unexpectedly goes viral and soon he’s hired by the municipal government as their expert spokesperson for the crisis. His bitter and estranged daughter Dèbora, meanwhile, sees the urban invasion as a possible Old Testament plague, divine punishment for our destruction of the environment.

Both father and daughter are still reeling from the death of Dèbora’s mother and, each in their own way, trying to decipher her repeated assertion that all plagues inevitably lead to rivers of milk and honey. Meanwhile, a Barcelona of the near future becomes a biblical scenario flooded with boars, where the characters face their own demons trapped between the factual and the allegorical. This send-up of local politics, sex, family awkwardness, political correctness, and the end of the world is by turns raucous, cringey, and prophetic as it reminds us how thin our veneer of civilization truly is.


Bernat Fiol

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