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Joan Turu Sànchez

Joan Turu was born in 1984 and he studied illustration at the Manresa School of Art. Since then has remained closely linked to both the graphic arts world and the educational field and has played an active role in various related associations. Among his other works are Tinc un volcà (El cep i la nansa, 2018) and R-Boot<3 (El cep i la nansa, 2020). He has been especially active about issues related to children and education, collaborating with schools throughout Catalonia and educational entities such as He shares his perspective on childhood, culture, and rights through his widely regarded social networks. He regularly generates iconic images that are featured on prints, fabric, decals, and posters.


Etiquetes (Labels). Bindi Books, 2021
Tinc un volcà (I Have a Volcano). El cep i la nansa, 2018
R-Boot<3 (R-Boot<3). El cep i la nansa, 2020

Author's Works in Translation

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