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Grants for the international programming in the field of performing arts

Summary of the guidelines as published in the DOGC (official journal of the Catalan government) on January 23th 2024.

This summary is for information purposes only and is not legally binding. The applicant must consult the guidelines and the call of the grant.


You can access the PDF attachments below by downloading Adobe Acrobat.


This grant call is aimed at the international programming of artists in performance spaces outside Spain in the field of the performing arts that contribute to the projection and dissemination abroad of Catalan cultural creation in the professional circuit.

Within the framework of these terms and conditions, international performance space is defined as festivals, venues and/or performing arts circuits outside of Spain. 

Eligible performances need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The international performance space must have a minimum track record of three years of programming experience, up to the year preceding that of the call for applications.
  • The international performance space must include in its programme the contracting of a minimum of two artists for a minimum of two performances per artist.
  • The applicant must prove that the artist is contracted and that they receive financial remuneration ((artists’ fee and/or box office sales) and has covered the expenses necessary to carry out the activities that are in line with the scope of the application in accordance with the contract signed by both parties. 

The following are not within the scope of these terms and conditions:

  • The performance of activities that are not included within a professional circuit.
  • Bookings at fairs and markets to carry out showcases.
  • The organisation of creative workshops and residencies.

This grant call is aimed at the international programming of artists in performance spaces outside Spain, to be carried out between 1 January and 15 November 2024, in the field of the performing arts that contribute to the projection and dissemination abroad of Catalan cultural creation in the professional circuit.



The beneficiaries of these grants may be public or private legal entities with registered offices outside Spain that meet the requirements established in the call’s terms and conditions.



Only one application per call will be accepted.

The minimum eligible amount per call is €4,000.

The maximum eligible amount per  call is €40.000

The maximum amount of the application shall be equal to 40,000.00 euros

The amount granted may cover up to 100% of the eligible expenses, up to a maximum of €30,000 per year and per applicant.



The following are regarded as eligible expenditure:

  • Expenditure on the artist's fees.
  • The artist's travel expenses. 

Only expenditure that has not been borne by a third party is eligible.


The application process will be available through the Institut Ramon Llull virtual office during the period of applications of the call.

Applicants (non-resident juridical persons) who apply for the first time to a grant from Institut Ramon Llull need an accreditation. In the case they haven’t been provided one before, they need to request an accreditation.

Institut Ramon Llull will send the accreditation securely after having verified their identification documentation. The accreditation will be valid for five years starting from the submission date of the documentation that certifies the identity of the interested party unless any changes arise. Once the applicant has received their login details, they may complete the grant application.

If applicable, the time required for accreditation must be taken into account.




The deadline for submitting applications is detailed in the call for applications.

February 15th to March 7th 2024.

Enquiries may be made throughout the application period until the last day at 2:00 pm.



The Director of the Ramon Llull Institute will make a decision within a maximum period of six months from the date of the publication of the call.

If the maximum period has elapsed without a final decision of the procedure being issued and notified, applicants may consider their applications rejected due to administrative silence.

The decision does not exhaust the administrative process. An appeal can be filed with the head of the Department of Culture within one month from the date of publication.



    The application should be submitted through the virtual office.



    You may consult your file electronically through the virtual office.

    Additional documentation, where applicable, and supporting documentation may be submitted electronically through the virtual office.


    For any questions or concerns regarding applications, please contact:

    Esther Criado ( ) i Anna Monge (

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