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13/12/2020 paperllull

L’Alguer and its Catalan-language poetry: an exceptional surprise

The small Catalan cultural and linguistic community in L’Alguer, a town in the north-west corner of Sardinia, as well as the poetry written there from the mid-twentieth century onwards, are perhaps two exceptional and surprising singularities. Poet and academic Joan-Elies Adell shines a light on the poetry in Catalan produced in this Sardinian town.
11/12/2020 paperllull
06/12/2020 paperllull

Jordi-Pere Cerdà, a borderland writer

This year, 4 November marked 100 years since the birth of Jordi-Pere Cerdà (Sallagosa, 1920–Perpinyà, 11 September 2011), one of the most unique poetic voices in Catalan literature. And one of the most unknown, hidden under piles of clichés and reductive labels.
22/11/2020 paperllull

Raquel García-Tomás: ‘Today’s music needs to become part of a national repertoire’

We interview Raquel García-Tomás, a young interdisciplinary creator and composer who has just won the National Music Prize for the opera 'Je suis narcissiste' and who has just premiered at the Liceu 'Per precaució', a piece composed during confinement.
 /  Barcelona 
15/11/2020 paperllull

Catalan language influencers

In the crucial decades in which the internet has replaced television and books as the main educator and entertainer in all ‘normal’ languages and cultures, there were no influencers communicating in Catalan. What is the current status of the Catalan language on the internet? Joan Burdeus explains.
08/11/2020 paperllull

Women are no longer the exception among Catalan film directors

For the first time ever in Catalan cinema, ‘the chasm between the large proportion of female students on audiovisual studies courses and the lack of women in the industry is finally beginning to close’, explains film critic Eulàlia Iglesias. Names like Carla Simón – winner of the Catalan National Culture Prize – Elena Martín, Lucía Alemany, Neus Ballús and Belén Funes, among others, are proof of this.
 /  Berlin 
01/11/2020 paperllull

El Palomar: ‘Our revolutions are necessary on a larger scale’

Agustín Pérez Rubio (Valencia, 1972), co-curator of the 11th Berlin Biennale, interviews Mariokissme (Málaga, 1980) and R. Marcos Mota (Tarragona, 1988), creators of the installation Schreber is a Woman (2020), on display from 29 October until 1 November at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. They are El Palomar: an artistic collective founded in Barcelona in 2012 as a place for production, research, dialogue and political visibility. Their work process has been hybrid ...
25/10/2020 paperllull

Jesús Moncada, memory and buried literature

Jesús Moncada is one of our most translated contemporary authors, with novels, short stories and articles rendered into some twenty languages since the nineties. His death at the age of 64 left his oeuvre in Catalan somewhat incomplete – with a final unpublished novel – and made it difficult to promote overseas. His publisher, Pilar Beltran, from Edicions 62, says they will have to keep their noses to the grindstone and, above all, ‘gather all the resources possible’ ...
18/10/2020 paperllull

David Victori: ‘I like films that sweep you away, that are like a tsunami.’

In 2012, he won Your Film Fest, a competition organised by YouTube and supported by Ridley Scott. Not long after, he was working on an online series produced by Scott himself and the actor Michael Fassbender. Now, David Victori has consolidated his status as a filmmaker with Cross the Line (No matarás), his second feature film, which submerges the viewer in a Barcelona full of neon lights and unexpected twists and is being presented at the 53th edition of the Sitges International Fantastic ...
10/10/2020 paperllull

Interview to Théâtre Paul Éluard in Choisy-le-Roi directors

Interview with Cécile Le Vaguerèse-Marie and Vanessa Maestre, directors of the Théâtre Paul Éluard de Choisy-le-Roi, where this year the shows of two Catalan companies have been programmed: Lali Ayguadé and Agnès Mateus with Quim Tarrida
04/10/2020 paperllull

Joan Perucho: among vampires

The writer and critic Julià Guillamon, curator of the Perucho Year, puts in context the figure of the poet, novelist and art critic, bibliophile and gastronome Joan Perucho.
27/09/2020 paperllull

Liternatura: Nature writing in your language

For decades, books on travel and nature have been considered a literary byproduct, as if the two genres did not contain in essence the most apotheotic expression of biodiversity. Why? The writer Gabi Martínez tells us the reasons.
 /  Barcelona 
20/09/2020 paperllull

Magda Puyo: 'There must be a revolutionary intention in institutional spaces’

Teresa Ferré interviews the first director in the history of the centenary Institut del Teatre. A pioneer and a reference in the current Catalan scene.
 /  Barcelona 
12/09/2020 paperllull

There are Stand-Up shows in Catalan in Barcelona, and it's big news

What linguistic register do the new monologues that are expressed in Catalan on stage use? What references do Charlie Pee or Joel Díaz have? What makes the use of our language move from a one-time resource and object of mockery to the central language of new comedians? Maria Rovira, known in the field of entertainment as Oye Sherman, talks about it in this article.
 /  Berlin 
06/09/2020 paperllull

A journey through Catalan object theatre

What makes Catalan object theatre unique on the international scene? We find out from Tim Sandweg, artistic director of the Schaubude Berlin, the Theater der Dinge international festival and more.
30/08/2020 paperllull

An immersive visit: the Phoenician-Punic collections at the MAEF

Since its creation in 1907, this museum has led a host of excavation campaigns to investigate the history of Ibiza and Formentera, with a special focus on the legacy of the Phoenicians and the Punics.
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