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Shut Up and Pay

Edicions del Periscopi, 2022
126 pages
Non Fiction

Calla i paga

Shut Up and Pay

Inés García López

"Shut Up and Pay aims to give voice to a subject stifled by neoliberalism’s identity production as well as to offer tools for reflection that open up new spaces of resistance from which to create new subjectivities."

Recent years have seen the simultaneous rise of massive hyperconnectivity and radical individualisation, as well as the deterioration of grand narratives, coupled with compulsive consumption and frenetic obsolescence, which have led individuals to fluctuate between acritical acceptance of the dynamics of the neoliberal system and uncertain attempts to articulate a unique space in which to live. In this book, the author reflects on this tension, following in the work of Lacan, psychoanalysis, and the contributions of post-modern, left-wing, and queer theorists (including Butler, Fisher, Mbembe, Lipovetsky, and Valencia, among others).

Shut Up and Pay explores how the mechanisms involved in the production of subjectivity currently operate, what the new forms of social attachment are, and how we can resist them.


Bernat Fiol

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