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Joan Miró under the Francoist Regime

Galaxia Gutenberg, 2021
554 pages
Non Fiction

Joan Miró sota el franquisme

Joan Miró under the Francoist Regime

Josep Massot

"An innovative biography of Joan Miró that offers an overview of the avant-garde during the Cold War. An essential look at how artists and the art world weathered the political vicissitudes of the twentieth century."

In this fascinating book, the result of scrupulous research in public and private archives around the world, Josep Massot reveals Miró’s fierce struggle to maintain his art in a state of constant innovation and dodge the pressures of the Francoist regime. In a world of vanguards and trenches, the painter displayed an unwavering commitment to freedom in his art and thought. Massot explains in detail how geopolitics crept in through the keyhole and how art, power, money, and friendship intersected. The book explains the ethics of Miró’s battle to set an example and help the younger generations raised under the dictatorship. And it also brings to light how his anti-fascist American friends saved him from isolation during World War II, and how the MoMA, the New York school—Pollock, Motherwell, Rothko—and artists such as Louise Bourgeois elevated him to the status of the most influential living artist in the world.


Núria Cicero
Galaxia Gutenberg

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