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Maite Salord (Ciutadella, 1965) graduated in Catalan Philology and is a Minorcan author and teacher of Catalan language and literature. She is also a member of the Institut Menorquí d’Estudis, a government organization for cultural promotion of the island. A finalist for the 2006 Sant Jordi Prize, with La mort de l’ànima [The Death of the Soul], she soon became involved in regional politics until 2021, when she resigned as vice-president and Minister for Environment and Biosphere Reserve of the Menorcan government. On her return to writing, she was awarded the 2021 Proa prize for El país de l’altra riba [The Country of the Other Bank].


Com una nina russa (Like a Russian Doll). La Galera, 2002
Omplir la nit (To Fill de Night). Ajuntament de Ciutadella, 2004
Mar de boira (Sea of Fog). La Galera, 2004
El país de l'altra riba (The Country on the Other Bank). Proa, 2021
I del somni, tot (And of the Dream, Everything). Institut Menorquí d'Estudis, 1998
La mort de l'ànima (The Death of the Soul). Proa, 2007
L'alè de les cendres (The Ashes' Breath). Editorial Arrela, 2014

Author's Works in Translation

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