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Lolita Bosch (Barcelona, 1970) holds a degree in Philosophy and a postgraduate degree in Arts obtained in Mexico, a country she considers home. A researcher and journalist, she also writes
essays, novels, and children's and young adult's literature books. Her works have won prestigious awards, have been translated into several languages, and have been adapted to film, dance, and theatre. She is the founder of the website “Nuestra Aparente Rendición” [Our Pretended Surrender], a space that ponders on violence in Mexico. Furthermore, she is a counselor for peace projects in several worldwide organizations and institutions.



Camps abans de tot això (Fields before everything). Empúries, 2011
La família del meu pare (My father's family). Empúries, 2008
Insòlit somni, insòlita veritat (Unusual dream, unusual truth). Empúries, 2007
Qui vam ser (Who we were). Empúries, 2006
Elisa Kiseljak (Elisa Kiseljak ). La Campana, 2005
Això que veus és un rostre (What you see is a face). Curbet Edicions, 2004
La ràbia (Anger). Amsterdam Llibres, 2016
Non Fiction
Agafeu-me a mi (Take Me Instead). Edicions 62, 2022
Que no ens guanyi la por (Don't Let Fear Beat Us). Ara Llibres, 2018

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