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Josep Lluís Badal was born in Ripollet del Vallès in 1966. He holds a degree in Catalan Philology and he currently teaches Language and Literature. He worked for some time as an editor and has published two books of stories (La casa sense ombra and Mestres), a novel (El duel), a literary artifact (Les coses que realment han vist aquests ulls inexistents) and poetry: O pedra, Cal·ligrafies, among others. Among others, his children’s literature includes El pirata Gorgo, L’orquestra Ursina, the volume Els llibres d’A, and the series Jan Plata and Hopi.


Children’s and YA
Hopi (Hopi series). La Galera, 2016
Hopi. El misteri de la lluna (Hopi. The Mystery of the Moon). La Galera, 2016
Hopi. La imaginació de Mazzanti (Hopi. The Mazzanti’s Imagination). La Galera, 2016
Els llibres d’A (The books of A). La Galera, 2014
Jan Plata 6. La fi del món (John Silver 6. The end of the World). La Galera, 2016
Jan Plata 5. Unicorn (John Silver 5. Unicorn ). La Galera, 2015
Jan Plata 4. Els senyors del mar (John Silver 4. The Lords of the Sea). La Galera, 2016
Les aventures de Jan Plata. El misteri dels pirates (The adventures of John Silver. The Mistery of the Pirates). La Galera, 2013
Googol (Googol). Animallibres, 2021

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