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Grants for the production by publishers of translations of original literary works in Catalan and Occitan (in the Aranese variety)

The applicant should consult the Grant Rules and the Grant Call, given that this is a new grant line open in 2024. The application forms filled out must be from the current year 2024.

This summary is for information purposes only and is not legally binding.


PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).


Awarding of grants to finance the expenses corresponding to the production by publishers of translations of original literary works in Catalan and Occitan (in the Aranese variety) in the following categories: poetry and theatre, that meet the requirements detailed in the rules.


Publishers (natural person entrepeneurs or legal persons, public or private, Spanish or foreign) that comply with the following requirements:  

  • Publish the work in a language other than Catalan and/or Occitan (in the Aranese Variety).
  • Publish the work in printed book format and with commercial distribution.
  • The first edition of the work must have a minimum print run of 300 copies.
  • The translation must be done from original works in Catalan, Occitan or Provençal (when they are works of medieval Catalan lyric poetry).
  • Publish the work between the date of the resolution of the concession and November 15th, 2025.

Grant-supported expenditure

Eligible expenditure is defined as solely and exclusively that expenditure of the publishing production of the work (paper, printing and binding).

The maximum amount to be awarded per application is 2.000€


- Online: Foreign applicants (self-employed individuals and legal entities) who have applied for a grant to the Institut Ramon Llull in the past.

- Foreign applicants (self-employed individuals and legal entities) requesting an Institut Ramon Llull grant for the first time. In this case, accreditation is required.The Ramon Llull Institut is responsible for generating and sending this after having verified the documentation accrediting the applicant’s identity. When filling out the accreditation form you must select “Literature and Thought” as the recipient department.

The accreditation (user and password) is valid for five years from the date of issue, unless there is some change in the documents provided, of which the IRL must be informed.

Please take into account that you should request your accreditation at least 48 hours before the application deadline.

Accreditation form



The applicant must substantiate at least 80% of the requested (and eligible) amount in order to receive the awarded grant, or the grant will be revoked.

Proof of expenditure must be submitted before 15 November of the year following the year in which the grant is awarded.



    1st call: February 12th to April 30th, 2024

    (For works scheduled for publication between June 2024 and November 2025)


    2nd call: May 2nd to June 20th, 2024

    (For works scheduled for publication between September 2024 and November 2025)


    Forecasted 3rd call: Pending of confirmation

    (For works scheduled for publication between December 2024 and November 2025)



    The Director of the Ramon Llull Institute will make a decision within a maximum period of six months from the date of the publication of the call.

    If the maximum period has elapsed without a final decision of the procedure being issued and notified, applicants may consider their applications rejected due to administrative silence.

    The decision does not exhaust the administrative process. An appeal can be filed with the head of the Department of Culture within one month from the date of publication.

      Online procedure

      The grant applicant must be the holder of the bank account indicated on the form.



        Documents can be consulted online at the virtual office.

        Additional documentation, when necessary, and supporting documents can be uploaded to the IRL website through the virtual office.

        If submitting supporting documentation, please read this guide.



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