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Authors’ Mobility

Grants for the authors’ mobility of Catalan and Aranese literature outside the linguistic domain of both languages.

The applicant should consult the Grant Rules and the Grant Call. The application forms filled out must be from the current year 2024.

This summary is for information purposes only and is not legally binding.



Grants intended for the mobility of authors (writers, illustrators, translators, moderators and experts) of Catalan and Aranese literature to carry out cultural dissemination activities outside the linguistic domain of both languages.

Travel to carry out the following cultural activities is included:

  1. Dissemination events, open to the general public, of works in translation or illustrated works, at book fairs and international literary and illustration festivals.
  2. Public award ceremonies and/or recognition and tribute ceremonies
  3. Assistance to creative residences outside the linguistic domain.


Authors of Catalan and Aranese literature. If the beneficiaries are illustrators, they must be domiciled in Catalonia or the Balearic Islands.

Grant-supported expenditure

Subsidized expenses are those that correspond to the nature of the subsidized activity and are carried out during the year of the call, and which are the following:

  • Expenses consisting of a single one-way trip to the place where the activity is carried out and a single return trip from the place where the activity is carried out.

The maximum time between the departure and return shall be 15 days.

This call does not cover journeys in preferred or higher class, fuel, tolls, taxis, urban transport and car parks.


Requests and other formalities associated with the procedure for awarding and justifying subsidies must be preferably carried out electronically using the IRL’s electronic system.

A maximum of two applications can be submitted per person per year.


  1. Curriculum
  2. Letter of invitation from the organizing institution. An email will not be accepted as an invitation letter. The letter must contain, at least, the following information:
    • Dates of the activity and the events planned
    • Program of the activity with an explanation of the contents of the applicant's participation
  3. Complete and detailed project budget included in the application form



Call: From June 10th to October 4th, 2024


The Director of the Ramon Llull Institute will make a decision within a maximum period of six months from the date of the publication of the call.

If the maximum period has elapsed without a final decision of the procedure being issued and notified, applicants may consider their applications rejected due to administrative silence.

The decision does not exhaust the administrative process. An appeal can be filed with the head of the Department of Culture within one month from the date of publication.


    In order to receive the subsidy granted, it is necessary to justify a minimum of 50% of the subsidized amount, following the procedure mentioned in the rules. Otherwise, the grant will be revoked.

    A maximum budgetary deviation percentage of 20% is established between the initially budgeted cost and the justified final cost of the subsidized activity, which will not entail a reduction in the amount of the subsidy.

    Beneficiaries must present within one month from the end of the subsidized activity a supporting account in accordance with the instructions detailed in the rules and with the contribution of the supporting documents.

    The deadline to submit supporting documentation is December 15 of the year of the call.


      Documents can be consulted online at the virtual office.

      Additional documentation, when necessary, and supporting documents can be uploaded to the IRL website through the virtual office.

      If submitting supporting documentation, please read this guide.



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