Institut Ramon LLull

Symposium at the University of Edinburgh for UK and Ireland-based Catalan Tutors

Language.  29/05/2024

As part of the continuing education program for Catalan studies teaching staff, the Institut Ramon Llull and the University of Edinburgh are organising training sessions and experience exchange aimed at teachers at universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Symposium for UK and Ireland-based Catalan Tutors, organised by the University of Edinburgh and the Institut Ramon Llull, will take place on May 30 and 31, at the Scottish university's School of Literatures, Language and Cultures.

The Symposium will be a meeting point, a forum for debate and a common space for experience exchange that will help create a network and foster knowledge sharing between Catalan studies teachers in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Previously, this meeting has been held at the universities of Manchester (2010 and 2021), Birmingham (2011), Queen Mary of London (2012), Bristol (2015), Liverpool (2018) and Sheffield (2023).

The closing session will feature the poets Jordi Larios and Xavier Mas Craviotto, who will speak about poetry and read excerpts of their work.


Thursday, 30 May

15.00h — 15.15h | Registration

15.15h — 15.30h | Welcoming

Guy Puzey, Head of DELC (Department of European Languages and Cultures, University of Edinburgh)

Carlos Soler Montes, Head of SPLAS (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University of Edinburgh)

Josep-Anton Fernàndez, Director of the Department of Language and Universities, Institut Ramon Llull

15.30h — 16.15h | Language Policy in Scotland: Gaelic and Scots

Robert Dunbar, University of Edinburgh

16.20h — 17.05h | Catalan Studies at The University of Edinburgh: History, Challenges and Solutions*

Sergi Mainer, University of Edinburgh

17.10h — 17.20h | Coffee Break

17.20h — 18.30h | Meeting of the Teaching Staff of Catalan Studies from British and Irish Universities

18.30h — 20.00h | Edinburgh City Tour by The Edinburgh Book Lover’s Tour

Friday, 31 May

09.00h — 09.45h | Towards a Linguistic Curriculum for Inclusion. Reflections on Language Teaching from the Perspective of Equality**

Carlos Soler Montes, University of Edinburgh

09.50h — 10.50h | Panel

The Evolution of Twentieth-Century Barcelona: A Look at its History, Culture and Resilience* Pol Masdeu Cañellas, University of Liverpool

Cultural Video Capsules: A Symbiotic Experience of Interuniversity Telecollaboration* Ares Llop Naya, University of Cambridge

Do we Fake it? Pragmatics Applied to the CFL Classroom: Speech Acts and Phraseology* Pau Francesch Sabaté, University of Oxford

10.55h — 11.05h | Coffee Break

11.10h — 12.30h | Panel

From Bartolí to Aurel: Retreat and Exile, Memory and Post-Memory* Josep Vicenç Saval, University of Edinburgh

Linguistic Diversity in the University Classroom: Experience and Exercise Proposal* Laia Benavent Llinares, University of Birmingham

Art inside (and outside) the Classroom: The Case of the Course “Surrealist, Fantastic and Uncanny Encounters in Catalan Culture”* Anna Vives Riera, University of Edinburgh

We are booktubers* Marta Aragonés López, University of Glasgow

12.35h — 13.45h | Lunch

13.50h — 14.30h Research presentations

Decidim: Civic Technology Made in Catalonia at the Service of European Democracy* Elisabet Vives i Requena, University of Edinburgh

The Antic Teatre’s ‘New Drama’ and Some Necessary Theoretical Displacements * Marta Duran Arranz, University of Saint Andrews

14.45h — 15.45h | Jordi Larios & Xavier Mas Craviotto: Catalan Poets in Dialogue

16:00h | Closing

*In Catalan ** In Spanish

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