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Scotland hosts the 9th edition of the Catalan Film Fest from 20 March to 14 April

Cinema.  13/03/2024

This year the festival will pay particular attention to female desire and the taboos that surround it. The Catalan Film Festival, created and produced by CinemaAttic with close support from Institute Ramon Llull and Screen Scotland, will feature the latest Catalan films, from award-winning features to the best short films, as well as in-depth Q&As with guest directors.

The Catalan Film Festival will continue to provide a multidimensional portrait of Catalan culture, its language and traditions in cinemas in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee, from 20 March to 14 April. This year's selection includes 8 feature films and 11 short films, showcasing the highlights of Catalan film production over the past year. Amongst the titles, a standout is CREATURA by Elena Martín, winner of the prestigious Europa Cinemas Award at the last Cannes Film Festival and one of the most talked-about productions of the year. The film has opened a long-neglected debate around female desire, taboo, family and partner relationships.

Another notable inclusion in the programme is the much-acclaimed THE PERMANENT IMAGE, director Laura Farrés’ debut and proof of the uncharted territories that filmmaking has yet to explore. FOREMOST BY NIGHT, also a debut feature by director Victor Iriarte, plays with an unconventional narrative to present a noir thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. ALTERITATS is a journey through the feelings, experiences and childhoods of lesbians of all ages residing in Catalonia and of diverse origins. This touching LGBTQ+ documentary gathers the views and voices of the lesbian community in Catalonia and allows us to understand what it is like to exist within a world made of heterosexual structures whilst belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

THEY SHOT THE PIANO PLAYER, a colourful animated thriller starring Jeff Goldblum filled with the sounds and rhythm of the golden bossa nova years, a masterstroke of optimism and exciting music by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal. The documentary LA SINGLA celebrates the deaf Romani dancer Antonia ‘La Singla’ who revolutionised flamenco yet was written out of history. VAMPIR CUADECUC will give audiences the chance to revisit the never-ending universe of one of Catalan film’s most iconic figures, Pere Portabella. OUT OF SYNC, directed by Juanjo Giménez and starring the legendary Marta Nieto, is a masterclass in presenting sound as a vehicle that intertwines several stories with cinematic mastery.

The short film programme offers four programmes from veterans like Juanjo Giménez, to works from newcomers like Jaume Claret Muxart, to the magnificent The Danube Rivers. From pure observational documentaries such as THE BUS by Sandra Reina to Alba Cros’far more experimental approach to storytelling in ANHEL DE LLUM, family stories intertwin with those of the places they inhabit.

This year, Juanjo Giménez, Julieta Lasarte and Marta Cruañas will help contextualise the programme and give an insider view not only of their individual films but also contemporary Catalan filmmaking in general.

The festival will also organise a culinary event to celebrate the past nine years and share experiences.

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As in previous editions, the festival is created and produced by CinemaAttic with close support from Institute Ramon Llull and Screen Scotland with additional support from Estrella Damm, Centre Català and Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh.

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