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Colección Privada: Spain’s Super 8 and 16mm Scene

Cinema.  New York, 09/05/2023

In the last fifteen years, Spanish cities have seen the flourishing of heterogeneous communities devoted to maintaining analog film culture. Through material exchange, mutual influence, informal screenings, and friendship, three generations of filmmakers intermingle in Madrid, Barcelona, and San Sebastian in an extraordinary moment for Spanish poetic cinema. These programs survey the output of 23 filmmakers who continue to work in 16mm and Super-8, cultivating a cinema in tension with the quotidian in a drive to capture or conjure experience.

Paying tribute to this extraordinary moment in Spanish poetic cinema, this special program presented by Museum of The Moving Image —in association with MoMI’s ongoing “expanded cinema” exhibition Cinema of Sensations: The Never-Ending Screen of Val del Omar— brings together filmmakers who transcend theatrical conventions through the performative use of multiple projectors, supplementary screens, live sound, and their own bodies. These works deal with topics such as illness and healing, physical erosion, body rituals, and the perception of time, all mediated by the cathartic nature of light.

This event is also part of a series at Anthology Film Archives that surveys the output of 24 filmmakers who continue to work in 16mm and Super 8 in Spain.

All films are screened in their original analog formats and most are presented in their reversal originals for this rare occasion, including five world premieres and eight North American premieres. All prints courtesy of the filmmakers.

This series is presented with generous support from Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE), the Martin Scorsese Department of Cinema Studies, the NYU Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program, the Orphan Film Symposium, and the Cultural Department of the Consulate General of Spain.


Program at Museum of The Moving Image includes:

Healing Ray (Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas. 2021. Spain, 45 mins. 16mm, triple projection) North American premiere   

Ver piedras / Signos de sol (Juan Bufill. 1988–2014. Spain, 14 mins. Super 8 mm) North American premiere 

fuegofocfire (Valentina Alvarado Matos & Carlos Vásquez Méndez. 2020–23. Spain, 30 mins. 16mm, multiple projection) World premiere 


Program at Anthology Film Archives includes:

Daily life, travel diaries, representation of self, portraiture, and subjective perception are threads that run through this first program on recent Spanish lyrical cinema, covering an array of genres and editing strategies. While featuring some experiments with montage, most filmmakers explore in-camera editing in unique ways, ranging from an improvisatory connection with a specific time and place to intricate versifications of the real.

Pablo Marín DENKBILDER (2013, 5 min, Super-8mm)
Ana Pfaff POMELL DE FLORS ESPIRITUALS (2011, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Leonor Serrano Rivas OIR FORMAS (2022, 10 min, 16mm)
Elena Duque COLECCIÓN PRIVADA (2020, 13 min, Super-8mm)
Juan Bufill VILLA DIONISIA (2003-19, 5 min, Super-8mm)
Gadea Burgaz ¡BU! (CON ADMIRACIÓN) (2023, 15 min, Super-8mm)
Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas AKIKONOMU (2019, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas CHUBUSANGAKU (2019, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas MURASAKI (2019, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Blanca García IPSAE (ABI) (2021, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Blanca García IPSAE (GUILLERMINA) (2021, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Blanca García IPSAE (MARIA) (2021, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Blanca García IPSAE (ANDREA) (2021, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Yonay Boix #005 (2020, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Yonay Boix #006 (2021, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Yonay Boix & Ariadna Onofri #007 (2021, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Claudio Sodi SUEÑOS PARA EVA – PARTE 1 (2022, 22 min, 16mm)
Elena Duque MAR DE CORAL (2021, 11 min, Super-8mm)

This second program on recent Spanish lyrical cinema showcases filmmakers who work with visual concepts, preconceived camera devices, and objectual mise-en-scène. Based on body gestures, transformations of matter, philosophical writings, landscape, architecture, and the “maneuverable” possibilities of the camera, these works offer a heterogeneous take on modern explorations in analog film.

Maria Pipla MANY EYES, MANY CENTERS, MOVING (2022, 3 min, 16mm)
Valentina Alvarado Matos PROPIEDADES DE UNA ESFERA PARALELA (2020, 17 min, 16mm double-projection)
Céline Latil LX VISAGES (2022, 3 min, 16mm)
Laura Moreno MONTE ULÍA (2023, 3 min, 16mm)
Álvaro Feldman DIORAMA (2022, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Aldara Pagán MARCAS (2020, 10 min, Super-8mm)
Laura Ibáñez López CORPÚSCULOS (2022, 2 min, 16mm)
Albert Triviño NIÀGARA (2008, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Albert Triviño BOMBOLLES (Vanitas Sílvia) (2009, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Bruno Delgado Ramo SPINOZA/ONGODIST (2021, 11 min, Super-8mm)
Alba Sauleda L’AUTORRETRAT REFILMAT (IV) (2015, 3 min, Super-8mm)
Deneb Martos & Pablo Useros WHITE SCREEN (FOR AMY HALPERN) (2022, 5 min, 16mm)
Bruno Delgado Ramo UNABRIDGED MANEUVER (2022, 17 min, 16mm)
Juan Bufill ARQUITECTURA 3. PUENTE (2004, 5 min, Super-8mm)

The screenings will be presented in person by guest-curators Francisco Algarín Navarro and Carlos Saldaña, from Revista Lumière.

May 13 – May 14

Anthology Film Archives

Museum of The Moving Image

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