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The University for Foreigners of Siena signs a collaboration agreement with the Institut Ramon Llull to create a Centre for Catalan Studies in the Italian city

Language.  21/04/2023

On April 21, 2023, the director of The Institut Ramon Llull, Pere Almeda, and the dean of the Unistrasi, Tomaso Montanari, signed a four- years Framework Collaboration Agreement to create the Centre for Catalan Studies (CEC) at the Italian University. The event took place at the Palau Marc de Barcelona in the presence of the Catalan Minister for Culture, Natàlia Garriga.

The Agreement shall enter into force in the Academic year 2023-2024, allowing the creation of the first Centre for Catalan Studies of the Xarxa Llull in Italy. The Unistrasi has been teaching Catalan studies since 2015. The purpose of the Agreement is to impulse the maintenance of teaching of the Catalan Language and Culture at this institution as well as to promote the knowledge of Catalan culture in the academic field both in Siena and Italy, where a dozen universities already offer Catalan studies.

The collaboration impulses the research in Catalan studies and their visibility at the University, contributing to the establishment and strengthening of the links between the researchers of the various disciplines of Catalan studies; to promote the translation of Catalan literature, especially of the classics, and to disseminate “catalanística” and knowledge of the Catalan cultural environment.

The fourth Centre for Studies within the Xarxa Llull, a network that also consists of six visiting professorships chairs in Europa, North America, and Asia, is created as a result of the signature of the Agreement.

The Centres of Catalan Studies play a crucial role in the innovation, extension, and transfer of teaching and research in Catalan studies. Besides building and reinforcing connections with universities of great international prestige, these centres are a space of reference in the promotion and dissemination of Catalan studies in their area of influence by organizing programmes of academic and cultural activities and promoting advanced research.

At the signing ceremony at the Palau Marc de Barcelona, headquarters of the Ministry for Culture, was present the Minister of Culture Natàlia Garriga, and -besides the director of IRL, Pere Almeda, and the dean of the Strasi, Tomaso Montanari- also attended the director of the Department of Language and Universities of the Institut Ramon Llull, Ariadna Puiggené, the chair professor of Contemporary Italian Literature of the University for Foreigners of Siena, Pietro Cataldi, and the director of new Centre of Catalan studies at the Strasi, Cèlia Nadal.

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