Institut Ramon LLull

Creation of a Chair in Catalan Culture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Language.  20/03/2023

The Bonastruc de Porta Chair will organize academic and research activities to contribute to the promotion of the studies in Catalan Language and Culture.

The Institut Ramon Llull led the opening on March 9th of the Bonastruc de Porta (Nahmànides) Chair at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The institution specialises in the research in the academic fields of Humanities. With the creation of the Chair, starts the course Catalonia and Beyond - Comparing Self-Determination Movements in Contemporary Europe, by Doctor Daniel Cetrà, member of the research group Institutions and Political Economy Research Group of the Faculty of Economics and Business of The University of Barcelona. The course offers a comparative approach of the territorial crisis in the European Union, with the case studies of Scotland (United Kingdom), Flanders (Belgium), South Tirol (Italy) and North Ireland (United Kingdom), and reflects on the possibilities for the fitting of minority nations within the frame of the states that form the European Union. The Chair also includes a lecture by Doctor Cetrà open to the university community.

The studies of the Chair are offered to graduate students, registered in the master programme of the following 4 Departments: Social Sciences, Political Sciences, International Relations and European Studies.

The Bonastruc de Porta Chair is the result of the agreement signed in July 2022 by the IRL and the Faculty of Humanities of the Hebrew of Jerusalem to promote Catalan studies. Bonastruc de Porta was a philosopher, rabbi of the Jewish Aljama of Girona and physician, who lived in the XIII century in Palestine. He explored in depth issues related to the Bible, the Talmud and the cabala. He was the author of many educational works and several sacred poems that survived today.

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