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Special feature on Catalan literature in Hyperion: on the Future of Aesthetics

Literature.  USA, 03/02/2023

The magazine Hyperion: on the Future of Aesthetics is concerned with aesthetics, with the value of art and the ways in which it can be transformed and renewed, as well as applied criticism — philosophically-oriented essays that are evaluative of specific artists and specific works of art in every genre (from poetry to visual art to cinema et cetera). Hyperion is published by Contra Mundum Press whose primary aim is to publish translations of writers who in their use of form and style deviate significantly from more programmatic and spurious forms of experimentation. Such writing attests to the volatile nature of modernism.


A special feature on Catalan literature

Raul Garrigasait, Elevation & Rootedness: Notes on a Catalan Outlook. Translated by Tiago Miller.

Eugenio d’Ors, Oceanography of Tedium. Translated by Mary Ann Newman.

Cebrià Montoliu, Walt Whitman: The Man & His Work. Translated by AKaiser.

Xavier Mas Craviotto, La Gran Nause. Translated by James Hawkey and Xavier Mas Craviotto.

Anna Gual, Unnameable (Selected Poems). Translated by AKaiser.

Pepe Sales, Paintings.

Pepe Sales, Poems & Prose. Translated by Tiago Miller.

Felicia Fuster, Nine Poems. Translated by Marialena Carr.

Núria Perpinyà, And, Suddenly, Paradise. Translated by Salomé Monk.

Núria Perpinyà, A House to Compose. Translated by Salomé Monk.


Hyperion: on the Future of Aesthetics

VOL. XV, NO. I (WINTER 2022) 

A special feature on Catalan literature


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