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Mary Ann Newman, Claire Verlet, María Alonso Seisdedos and Simona Škrabec, International Ramon Llull Awards 2022


The awards given by the Fundació Ramon Llull recognise the work of professionals outside the Catalan-speaking territories that contributed to the promotion of our language and culture.

Last Wednesday, the Auditori Nacional d’Andorra, in Ordino, hosted the award ceremony of the Premis Internacionals Ramon Llull 2022, in a gala chaired by the minister of Cultura i Esports,Sílvia Riva, with the councillor of Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Natàlia Garriga; director of the Fundació Ramon Llull, Teresa Colom; director of the Institut Ramon Llull, Pere Almeda; the mayor of Alzira and president of the Xarxa de Ciutats Valencianes, Diego Gómez; general director of Culture from the Govern Balear, Catalina Solivellas; and president of the Fundació Congrés de Cultura Catalana, Agustí Alcoberro.

At the ceremony, the minister Sílvia Riva celebrated the fact that Andorra was hosting the event again, and she reaffirmed the commitment of the Govern to guarantee the fact that “Andorra continues being the stage for the international projection of Catalan”. The minister added: “The language and culture we share with north and south Catalans, Valencians, Balearians, Aragonese from la Franja, and those from Alghero, needs to continue being a synonym of opening, modernity, creative freedom, and respect for diversity”.

The councillor of culture from the Generalitat de Catalunya, Natàlia Garriga, celebrated the relevance of the awards: “It stresses the fact that when Catalan-speaking territories work together, we are stronger”. The councillor added: “explaining ourselves to the world is not always easy, but in a globalised world like ours, it is important to highlight what makes us unique and specials”.

The event also counted with the premiere of a show created for the occasion, with the participation of the Esbart Laurèdia, the Esbart Sant Romà, the Jove Companyia Nacional de Dansa, and the Companyia Líquid Dansa.

Ramon Llull Award to the international promotion of Catalan creation: Claire Verlet

This year is the tenth edition of this award that recognises a person or an institution abroad with a significant trajectory in the diffusion of the Catalan creation within the international sphere. The award is worth 4.000 euro.

The jury consider Claire Verlet worthy of the award, in recognition for programming contemporary dance shows such as those by the company Malpelo by Maria Muñoz and Pep Ramis; or by Azkona&Toloza at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris; as well as for giving value to Catalan dance during 2021 in France.

Ramon Llull Award for literary translation: María Alonso Seisdedos

The Premi Ramon Llull for literary translation recognises the best Catalan literary translation work published in 2021. Candidates to the price are those professionals who have not published more than five works from Catalan literature. The award is worth 4.000 euro.

The jury decided to award María Alonso Seisdedos as a recognition of her translation to Galician of the book Canto jo i la muntanya balla by Irene Solà, under the title Canto eu e a montaña baila. The jury valued very positively the fact that the translation of this Catalan contemporary literature work was brought together to the Galician public “keeping the style and lyric tone, and solving with success the choice of registers”, specially the oral ones. The awarded novel is part of the narrative collection for adults Libros K (Faktoría K), in which we can find other names of our literature such as Eva Baltasar, Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Quim Monzó, or Tina Vallès.

Ramon Llull Award for literary translation (trajectory): Simona Škrabec

This new award category recognises the consolidated trajectory of literary translators. The candidates need to have published more than five translations from Catalan literature works. The award is worth 6.000 euro.

The jury consider worthy of the price the translator from Catalan to Slovenian Simona Škrabec, recognising her indisputable diffusion work of Catalan literature to Slovenia. For twenty years, Škrabec translated, among others: Cròniques de la veritat oculta by Pere Calders, in 2002; Darrer comunicat and Tocant a mà by J. V. Foix, in 2003; Camí de sirga by Jesús Moncada, in 2004; El joc del mentider by Lluís Maria Todó, in 2005; Senyoria and L’ombra de l’eunuc by Jaume Cabré, in 2007 and 2018; Les dones i els dies by Gabriel Ferrater, in 2007; La Passió de Renée Vivien by Maria-Mercè Marçal, in 2022; and Pedra de tartera and País íntim by Maria Barbal, in 2009 and 2016.

Ramon Llull Award in catalanistic and to linguistic diversity: Mary Ann Newman

The Premi Internacional Ramon Llull de catalanística i a la diversitat lingüística values the individual body of work of a person outside the linguistic domain, written in any language, that supposed a notable contribution to the knowledge of the Catalan historical and cultural reality; or the theoretical or practical contribution of a person from any country to knowledge, recognition, promotion, or the defence of one or more cultures and nations without a state. The award is given together by the Fundació Ramon Llull and the Fundació Congrés de Cultura Catalana; it is worth 6.000 euro.

The jury consider Mary Ann Newman worthy of the XXXI award for having worked relentlessly, with quality, intensity, and good criteria, for promoting Catalan culture and literature within the USA through teaching, translation and cultural activism.

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