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Tarta Relena to tour the US in Spring 2023!

Music.  USA, 13/12/2022

Catalan folk duo Tarta Relena make their US debut performing work from the award-winning 2019 album Ora Pro Nobis. Started in 2016 as an acapella project between Helena Ros and Marta Torrella, Tarta Relena’s electronic-accented folk reimagines the traditional music of the Mediterranean as a growing form unbound by precedent.

Tarta Relena was born in 2016 as a project of two singers interested in exploring the sounds of different styles of vocal acappella music. Tarta Relena's repertoire goes from oral music to original songs that are related to the geographical area of the Mediterranean. In the arrangements of Tarta Relena, the completely different timbres of the two voices are linked or knotted, flowing like water, or scratching like a steppe; they move away in sharp dissonance and later reunite, always looking for complexity in simplicity and the maximum expression with the minimum of elements.

Tarta Relena’s inspiration for Fiat Lux comes from historical characters, such as the Virgin Mary, Sappho of Lesbos and Hildegard of Bingen, and timeless verses that deal with the cyclic nature of the human experience. Singing in Catalan, Spanish, Greek, Latin, English, and even Sephardi, the language of Hispanic Jews, Tarta Relena explore a complex array of Latin cultures through the simplicity of voice. They draw from vocal techniques that range from flamenco to jazz, introducing elements of electronic music to redefine the melodies.

TARTA RELENA - Fiat Lux - US Tour 2023

03/22 - Minneapolis, MN, The Cedar

03/23 - Omaha, NE, Bemis Center

03/25 - Madison, IL, Art + Lit Lab

03/26 - Chicago, IL, Constellation

03/28 - Columbus, OH, Wexner Center for the Arts

03/30 - Brooklyn, NY, National Sawdust / WMI

03/31-04/01 - Knoxville, TN, Big Ears Festival

04/02 - Memphis, TN, Crosstown Arts

04/04 - Los Angeles, CA, Zebulon

04/07 - Portland, OR, The Old Church

04/08 - Seattle, WA, The Grotto at Rendezvous

TARTA RELENA - Fiat Lux - US Tour

March 22 - April 08, 2023

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