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Catalan Films at The 58th Chicago International Film Festival 2022

Cinema.  Chicago, 12/10/2022

Chicago International Film Festival is the North America’s longest-running competitive film festival. This year's program brings more than 90 features and 60 shorts films from around the world, ranging from moving, life-affirming dramas to eye-opening documentaries to midnight shockers.


THE BEASTS, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Antoine and Olga are a French couple who settled long ago in a village in the interior of Galicia. They live quietly, although their coexistence with the locals is not as idyllic as they would like. A conflict with their neighbors, the Anta brothers, will cause tension in the village that will rise to a point of no return.

THE SUBSTITUTE, by Diego Lerman

A substitute teacher in Buenos Aires must step out of his professional duties when one of his students is threatened by a local drug kingpin, in this remarkable reflection on the social tensions many students and teachers deal with every day in different corners of the Americas.


LA MATERNAL, by Pilar Palomero

Carla, a young girl at risk of exclusion, arrives pregnant at the centre La Maternal, where she has to learn to coexist with her fellow teenagers and to prepare herself to become a mother. A vital challenge that involves getting to know herself better and understanding the world around her, including the unstable and destructive relationship with her mother.


ALCARRÀS, by Carla Simón

After eighty years cultivating the same land, the Solé family gathers to make their last harvest together.


PACIFICTION, by Albert Serra

Based on the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, De Roller, the High Commissioner of the Republic, and representative of the French State, is a cunning man with perfect manners. Whether at official receptions or in underworld establishments, he is constantly gaging the temperature among a local population that might break out in anger at any given moment. Especially since a rumour has become increasingly persistent: there have been sightings of a submarine whose ghostly presence could indicate that French nuclear tests are resuming.

Spoilers provided by Catalan Fims!

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