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LLIM, an organism by Lara Fluxà, presented at the space Catalonia in Venice of the Biennale

Arts.  20/04/2022

The exhibition, curated by Oriol Fontdevila, will be open from April 23rd to November 27th at the space Catalonia in Venice. Director of the Institut Ramon Llull Pere Almeda highlighted that “Fluxà’s project has its own viewpoint and it clearly explains the trajectory of a first-rate emerging artist”.

Last Wednesday, April 20th, Llim, an organism by Lara Fluxà was presented. The project by the Majorcan artist, curated by Oriol Fontdevila, will be open at the space Catalonia in Venice until November 27th, within the programme Eventi Collaterali at the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale Arte.

At the presentation to the specialised media, Fluxà invited all attendees to “let themselves be digested by this organism, which vibrates when you approach it and when you let its shapes go through you.”

In that sense, the artist highlighted the relevance of one of the most typical elements of the Italian city: water, “which carries a strong poetic, political and physical burden.”

An organism that goes beyond the limits of the Catalan pavilion

“LLIM places in water a significant part of the Venice territory, which is accumulated in it and transcends the limits of the pavilion itself. The dialogue and the listening of the present organism become essential for the mutual existence”, she explained. As a closure, the artist concluded: “LLIM is an organism that has gone through many of us”.

The installation, curated by Oriol Fontdevila, gets to integrate that reflective discourse about the project, about Venice and the Biennale framework. During the presentation, the curator explained the genesis of the project, when he asked Fluxà what would she do if she could exhibit in Venice. The answer was forceful: “I would divert a water canal to feed my bodies, my work.”

Fontdevila stressed that the work by the Majorcan artist “reverberates within the surroundings where it lays, and in this case it has adapted to Venice too.” Fluxà “achieved to tell a story through the consistence of the materials, and she also offers possibilities for alternative life”.

“The speculative hypothesis is that in a semi-aquatic city like Venice, glass would be the closest material due to its own semi-aquatic nature”. One of the findings of the project, as the curator stand out, is that it allowed the team realising about an existing issue in Venice: silt, which is “apparently invisible, as we always think about just water”.

Fluxà’s international jump

Pere Almeda, director of the Institut Ramon Llull, was very satisfied with the 12th consecutive participation of the institution at the Biennale Arte in Venice, and he highlighted the distinction of this year’s proposal, LLIM, an organism by Lara Fluxà.

“Fluxà’s project has its very own viewpoint and it explains greatly the trajectory of a first-rate emerging artist with a huge and extraordinary talent”. Almeda also pointed out the way in which LLIM knew how to integrate “what Venice and the Biennale represent this year”.

The counsellor of culture of the Govern de Catalunya, Natàlia Garriga, emphasised the “sweet moment” of Catalan culture, and she stated that “art always plays with life”. Something that this exhibition shows perfectly: “it will leave a mark and it will talk about us all.” “Laura Fluxà represents the paradigm of how can an artistic trajectory be at our home country, and we are sure that the Biennale will be an international jump for her and a success for Catalan culture.

The general director of culture of the Govern Balear, Catalina Solivellas, praised Fluxà’s trajectory too: “It is a honour for our culture to show the work of a Balearic creator in one of the most relevant artistic meetings in the world.” Solivellas stated: “some of the iconic elements of this exhibition, water and glass, are also very present elements in Mallorca”.

The Majorcan artist suggests that you “let yourself be digested by this organism, which vibrates when you approach it and when you let its shapes go through you.”

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