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Maria-Mercè Marçal and Anna Dodas, two iconic Catalan feminist writers

Literature.  London, 13/04/2022

The work of the poets, translated into English by Clyde Moneyhun.

Catalan poet Anna Dodas published two influential collections of poetry before she was murdered travelling in France at the age of 23. A translation of her complete poems by Clyde Moneyhun is published for the first time in English, along with the original Catalan.

Maria-Mercè Marçal is being acknowledged as an iconic figure in European contemporary poetry. There will be readings from her collection of poems, Bruixa de dol / Witch in Mourning and her novel The Passion according to René Vivien, recently translated into English.

The poetry recital of Price, in Barcelona (May 1970)

Price Poetry, or The Left Ventricle in Times of Trouble, is a work-for-the-radio curated and edited by Dominic J. Jaeckle in response to the London Bookfair’s 'spotlight' on Catalan literature. A special broadcast to commemorate and respond to the first Popular Festival of Catalan Poetry, 25 May 1970, held in Barcelona’s Gran Price Theatre in solidarity with political prisoners incarcerated under Franco's regime.

A work of collage and sonic assembly, Price Poetry pairs archival recordings of Agustí Bartra, Joan Oliver (Pere Quart), Salvador Espriu, Joan Brossa, Francesc Vallverdú and Gabriel Ferrater, lifted from Pere Portabella documentary film 'Poetes Catalans' (read in translation by Tenement editor Jon Auman) with original commissions, select readings and songs from Ona Balló Pedragosa, Lucy Mercer, Stephen Watts, Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Dominic J. Jaeckle, Aidan Moffat, Harmony Holiday and Stanley Schtinter.

An evening of Catalan literature
Readings from the works of Anna Dodas and Maria-Mercè Marçal
7 pm Tuesday 12 April
Bookmarks (1 Bloomsbury Street, London)

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