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Introducing Speculars, new podcast series by Institut Ramon Llull

Knowledge.  BARCELONA, 11/11/2021

The specular image refers to the reflection of one's own body in the mirror, the image of oneself which is simultaneously oneself and other.

In these series of podcasts by Institut Ramon Llull, we explore the field of speculative knowledge. Through a series of interviews and curated episodes by people linked to art, music, cinema, architecture and literature, our aim is to present various possible forms of organization and approach to the world.

About this podcast

Every guest has been invited to curate a program, to play with ideas, voice and sounds. Each chapter is the reality through the mirror of the other, they are mirror pairs and as such, two episodes unfold in their enantiomorphism.

In this first season our guests are:

Rosana Antolí, artist.

Lluís Alexandre Casanovas, architect and curator.

Laura Farré Rozada, mathematician and musician.

Eduard Grau, cinematographer.

Martí Manen, curator and art writer.

Elisabet Ràfols, translator.


  1. Martí Manen. Ep. #1.1

Interview with Martín Manen, curator and art writer.

  1. Martí Manen. Ep. #1.2

We are taking a walk in Stockholm, from the Kungsgarden subway station to the Skogskyrkogården, the Woodland Cemetery following the traces of a conversation between the artists and us.

  • Elisabet Ràfols. Ep. #2.1

Interview with Elisabet Ràfols, translator.

  • Elisabet Ràfols. Ep. #2.2

The process of translation from a language to another becomes an acoustic journey between rhythms, length and breathing. Headphones are recommended.

  • Edu Grau. #3.1

Interview with Edu Grau, cinematographer.

  • Edu Grau. Ep. #3.2

The challenge of the cinematographer is to compete every single day with the elegance and eloquence of darkness.

  • Rosana Antolí. Ep. #4.1

Interview with Rosana Antolí, artist.

  • Rosana Antolí. Ep. #4.2

Creation by Rosana Antolí

  • Lluís Alexandre Casanovas. Ep. #5.1

Interview with Lluís Alexandre Casanovas, architect and curator.

  • Lluís Alexandre Casanovas. Ep. #5.2

An acoustic portrait that aims to talk about architectural work as a verb, rather than a noun.

  • Laura Farré Rozada. Ep. #6.1

Interview with Laura Farré Rozada, mathematician and musician.

  • Laura Farré Rozada. Ep. #6.2

From the waves of the sea to the waves of sound, this is the story that has brought Laura here.

Project credits

Speculars is a podcast series produced by Institut Ramon Llull.

Editor and curator: Sònia López

Sound design and production: Matías Rossi

Assistant: Pablo González

Special thanks to: Isabella Tjäder

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