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“Tota una vida per recordar” by Núria Pradas, translated by Sonja Hagemann, now published in German

Literature.  GERMANY, 08/11/2021

The novel “Tota una vida per recordar”, by Núria Pradas, now translated to German by Sonja Hagemann and published by Paperback Verlag with the title “Der Boulevard der Träume”.

“Tota una vida per recordar” is a novel with a strong female as the main character, a captivating historical background and an intriguing blend of fictional and real characters. The author shows her fascination with Hollywood and the beginnings of Walt Disney studios, and portraits the initiation of a sixteen-year-old young woman in the animation industry. The novel was awarded in 2020 with the prestigious award Premi Ramon Llull. Carles Casajuana, member of the Premi Ramon Llull jury, describes the novel as follows: “A profound novel that portraits with expertise the tortuous path of the character towards Disney.”

The Catalan writer Núria Pradas was born in Barcelona in 1954. She started writing child and youth fiction literature, and later on she has also written adult narrative. She published her first book, “Sol d’hivern”, in 1995. From 2012 on, she started publishing for the adult public too. Among her work, with various books translated to German, we can find “Sota el mateix cel”, which won the Carlemany award, “La noia de la biblioteca” (2014), “Somnis a mida (2015), “L’aroma del temps” (2017) and “Tota una vida per recordar” (2020)

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