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Four Barcelona-born productions bring innovation to Voices International Theatre Festival in Jersey City

Performing.  Jersey City, virtual, 12/10/2020

Dance company Les Impuxibles will present their most recent production DES-ESPERA, while GNIMC Guy Nader I Maria Campos will bring their dance performance SET OF SETS to the Festival. Both companies are supported by Institut Ramon Llull. Barcelona-based arts center Nau Ivanow features two theater companies, Los Escultores del Aire and Projecte Ingenu. Finally, Jersey City-based visual artist Laia Cabrera in collaboration with Isabelle Duverger will take the stage to present their multimedia projects.


The 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival, produced by the Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC), is a mostly virtual 10-day event with ample opportunities throughout the Festival for audiences to engage with artists from around the world. Nearly all of the 24 productions being seen at The 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival will have talk-backs with the artists immediately following the broadcast of their productions. 

Representing Catalonia (Spain), the chamber dance-music duo Les Impuxibles will share their work DES-ESPERA. What can be expected from male-female couples where he is younger and she is significantly older? DES-ESPERA talks about living in contradiction, and the acceptance of this contradiction as a way to grow. DES-ESPERA talks about what is expected of us, or what is not expected. DES-ESPERA speaks of turning on and off, of shaking and calming, of hurting and healing, of waiting and despairing.

GNIMC Guy Nader I Maria Campos will present their impeccable dance production SET OF SETS where they continue to explore the notion of time as a fundamental concept. Digging in the idea of infinity as a ceaseless loop and with a constant interest in the joy of repetition, this new work aims to draw our attention to the perception of time, memory and lived experiences, a series of infinite opportunities for time and space to be compared. SET OF SETS generates repetition and rhythm in the movement of bodies that continually defy gravity as a metaphor for the repetitive nature of existence itself and the idea of persistence. SET OF SETS is a journey based on cooperation, precision and rigor creating an endless maze of bodies in action.

Nau Ivanow, the Barcelona-based arts center and lab, has a hand in the Festival’s four entries – TUBERÍAS, THE LEGEND OF THE FAUN, and THE JOURNEY from Los Escultores del Aire and I WAS PRÓSPERO (OR REMEMBERING "THE TEMPEST") from Projecte Ingenu. Los Escultores del Aire, which was a standout in the 1st annual Voices Festival last year, is a highly inventive theater company that combines mime, circus and mixed media alchemy to create its hauntingly evocative worlds.  Led by Mai Rojas and based in Barcelona, it is also a Jersey City Theater Center production partner.

Also participating are Laia Cabrera, an award-winning filmmaker and multimedia creator and Isabelle Duverger, an award winning Jersey City-based French animation and projection mapping artist. Their interactive presentation-demonstration will be followed by a conversation led by Institut Ramon Llull and Nau Ivanow and will underline many of the European differences to theatre development including innovative public-private funding and a preference for slow-cook work-shopping of new work.  

For tickets and full schedule visit the JCTC website.

The 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival

October 16-25, 2020

October 18, 12:00pm, I WAS PROSPERO, Projecte Ingenu

October 18, 6:00pm, TURBERÍAS, Los Escultores del Aire

October 23, 10:00am, DES-ESPERA, Les Impuxibles

October 23, 12:00pm, LAIA CABRERA and Isabelle Duverger. Discussion with IRL and Nau Ivanow to follow.

October 23, 2:00pm, SET OF SETS, GNIMC Guy Nader I  Maria Campos

October 23, 4:00pm, THE LEGEND OF THE FAUN & THE JOURNEY, Los Escultores del Aire 

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