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Paper Llull is born: a new communication initiative in digital format

paperllull.  26/04/2020

The new project will provide specific weekly content on all the disciplines the Institut Ramon Llull covers and will be edited by writer and cultural journalist Esteve Plantada

 Institut Ramon Llull is continuing to develop its communication, broadening horizons and fulfilling the needs of both its potential audience and the specialist community that makes up its educational, literary, artistic and prescriptive network. This is the driving force behind the Paper Llull, a new communication initiative in digital magazine format with specific content on all the disciplines covered by Institut Ramon Llull

The content offered in the Paper Llull will comprise articles, reports and interviews on aspects of Catalan culture, as well as on its emerging trends and outstanding works, all written by journalists, authors, critics and cultural managers, among other industry agents. Content will be published weekly, with one new article every Sunday. ‘We want to give a voice both to theorists and to those who make it possible for things to happen, because it’s very important to be aware of these people and their work’, explains Iolanda Batallé, director of the Institut Ramon Llull.

The spectrum of writers for the Paper Llull will include people of all ages, genders and disciplines. The publication aims to support the Catalan cultural industry, strengthen its community and look after the small ecosystem it contains: a task that is more crucial than ever in these times of crisis. ‘Part of our work is to amplify not just established voices, but also those who are just starting out and should be known here and, especially, abroad’. The new publication will also take care to represent all the different Catalan linguistic domains.

The articles will be brought together in a quarterly magazine (corresponding to each season), which will be available in online format (through a collection of the links to the published articles) and pdf format as a magazine, downloadable directly from the website. Each article will be published simultaneously in Catalan, English and Spanish.

Generating discourse and leading the way

With this new publication, Institut Ramon Llull is exercising its role as a discourse generator. ‘As an institution and as representatives of the Catalan language and culture all over the world, it’s important for us to lead the way. And to create a community, generate content, establish contacts and make a multidisciplinary canon that can be found, seen and consulted in one place’, the director highlights.

The intention is to make the Paper Llull a leading publication, with relevant articles for the whole Catalan cultural spectrum, for specialist readers and for those getting to know our language and culture. ‘We want to create discourse in culture, literature, the arts and language. And we want this discourse to lead the way, here and around the world’, says Plantada.

‘We don’t want to compete with the informative framework of the digital cultural media. We want to accompany them while ensuring international outreach and acting as a loudspeaker for poets, critics, cultural managers, writers and as many other agents as possible in our cultural ecosystem’, the project editor continues. ‘We are distancing ourselves from current affairs to weave our own discourse, add value to the activities we carry out and emphasise everything that makes us unique’.

The quarterly magazine will include the 12 articles published weekly and a specific cover, featuring a photograph or illustration. The Paper Llull will be coordinated and edited by Esteve Plantada, who will apply the criteria defined by the communication and management teams. ‘We have been working on this project for a long time’, Batallé adds, ‘and we believe that now is an especially appropriate time for its launch, as this reaffirms our support for and belief in digital media. We have to find ways to reach people, to spread the word and educate. It’s more important than ever’.

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