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From Ibiza to New York, Aída Miró solo show in New Jersey

Arts.  New Jersey, 13/04/2018

Spanish multidisciplinary artist Aída Miró brings the cosmopolitan spirit of Ibiza to New York while inspiring and being inspired by the global cultural exchange at the heart of both places. Her paintings embody the mysticism and spiritual life of the island of Ibiza together with passion for exchanging music and dance from around the world. In this show you can find portraits of mythological goddess such as Tanit, Persephone, Ganesha, self-portraits of her dancing butoh, geishas, pageses and portraits of musicians created at live art events in NYC, fueled by the energy of the crowd during live music performances.

This show presents the clear evolution of Miró in 33 figurative paintings. From painting in the quietness of her studio on the island using only traditional oil paint, to arriving in vibrant NYC and adding more urban influence with the combination of oils, acrylic, and spray paint, this show traces the evolution of her styles along with telling the story of her life and movement through painting.

The opening reception will include an immersive site-specific installation and performance by Rhiannon Catalyst and Aida Miró. This collaborative work is designed to pay tribute to Ibiza´s historical heritage, natural landscape, the goddess Tanit, and the interweaving of cultural influences that happens when people carry their sacred stories and art across oceans. It will feature live painting, live vocals, original spatial sound design, storytelling, scent, and light to create a multi-sensory experience unlike anything they've ever done before. This will only happen on the day of the opening reception at 5pm.

Rhiannon Catalyst is a multidisciplinary artist who creates site-specific performances and installations designed to tell stories that immerse and activate many senses at once. She designs, records, and performs sonic narrative pieces to celebrate the unique acoustics of spaces and illuminate the cultural and historical significance of particular locations. Her work is often created in and around rivers, oceans, ships, caves, crossroads… places of great cultural exchange and intense resonance. These works often take the form of mythic and ceremonial performances in collaborative theater and art events. Catalyst has been at the head of and curating highly awarded multimedia art, music, technology, and mixed reality venues, events, and conferences for nearly two decades. She was born in NJ not far from this gallery and the two nearest rivers. Her deepest roots are in Brooklyn but much of her work celebrates global and cross-cultural influences, and the intersection of art and science.

Aída Miró is a Ibiza born artist living and working in NYC. She started painting in the streets in early 90´s. Studies in Fine Arts (University Politecnica of Valencia), Postgraduate of Theater Design in Bristol (UK), PhD in Art Education in University Autonomy of Madrid (Spain), and formation in circus and butoh dance.

Her work is strongly influenced by music, dance and mythology. Aida has been exhibiting internationally in cities such as Paris, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Naples, Hamburg, Bristol, NYC, SF, Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.

She was the winner and champion of Art Battle NYC 15 years Anniversary in December 2016, a live art competition of 20 minutes painting.

In collaboration with the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics.


March 17- April 13, 2018

Opening reception March 17 from 4-7pm. Performance at 5pm.

Art Lines Gallery

121 Railroad Avenue

Hackensack, NJ 07601


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